“The program was great! My seminar leader and the structure of the course kept me constantly stimulated. I now am better prepared to go into an important negotiation meeting and stay in control, while finishing the meeting satisfied.”
-CSX Transportation, Brianna Hodges, Load Analyst
“This program has validated some of the techniques that I have used successfully for over 20 years in commercial real estate negotiation. It has also taught me that there is so much more to learn. I can't wait to take the follow up program.”
-Home Depot, Alex Arancio, Real Estate Manager
“Very informative. A must for buyers, sellers, and anyone who spends money!”
-Helmer Inc, Zack Kiphart, Purchasing Agent
“Simply outstanding and really, really useful!”
-Helmer Inc. , Leonce Jean-Baptiste, Supply
“This two day seminar was more informative/helpful than my four-year business degree.”
-Dallas Morning News, Wendy Moe, SC field operations Manager
“I picked up many valuable skills that will help me lead negotiations in the right direction, and that will benefit my company.”
-Harley Davidson, Todd Theisen, Capital Buyer
“This Karrass program will empower me to reach a higher potential both professionally and personally.”
-Harley-Davidson Motor Co, Ryan Beal, Buyer
“The ideas and concepts of this seminar apply to my job on a daily basis. I would highly recommend that anyone in my position take this course.”
-Harley-Davidson, David Zappa, Buyer
“The seminar has allowed our group to gain a better handle on all the air contracts we have in place. Reworking the existing agreements and proposed agreements has realized a division savings of over $1.4M. The negotiating strategies I learned are working not only in my professional life but also in my personal life. Outstanding!”
-FedEx Canada, Kevin Ackroyd, Feeder Aircraft Operations
“I never realized that I always have power in a negotiation, no matter how much pressure I might be feeling. I never realized what a pushover I've been in the past!”
-EnCana, Juliet Kissel, Engineer
“Karrass Effective Negotiating allowed me to realize how ill-equipped I was in most business meetings prior to taking the course. I now have a well stocked toolbox to work with, and it was fun, too. ”
-Hollingsworth, Nathan Spiegel, Supply Chain Analyst
“The Karrass Seminar was an excellent program that taught me in further detail about the science and art of negotiating. The mock negotiations really helped to reinforce the tools that were just learned.”
-Greatbatch Medical, Barbara Cristiano, Commodities Specialist
“Great program which covers important strategies and tactics of negotiation. Enables you to look at negotiation from the buyers and sellers perspective.”
-Greatbatch Medical, Jason Gordon, Purchasing/Shipping Specialist
“Very well done. A smart investment of time or energy that will begin paying dividends immediately.”
-Greatbatch Medical, Robert Conti, Commodities Manager
“This class provided me with skills in all areas of my life. This class is critical to being successful in today's world.”
-eBay, Scott Conrad, Director of Engineering Services
“The seminar takes simple ideas and concepts which are often missed and shows you how to incorporate them into everyday negotiations.”
-Garden State Nutritionals, Eileen Mangano, Purchasing Manager
“I've always been unimpressed whenever I've attended a seminar. With Karrass, this is not the case. I'm 100% sure that what I've learned will show results both personally and professionally speaking.”
-Cemex, Daniel Medina, Asset Disposal Project Specialist
“The content in this course opened up areas of negotiations I didn't know existed.”
-Hospira, Peter Velos, Purchasing Agent
“The program is great for any position within any business. It absolutely will aid in any negotiation.”
-Atlas Copco, Kelly Hass, Strategic Purchasing Manager
“The Karrass Effective Negotiating seminar validated what I'm currently doing while opening my eyes to a number of different tactics that I had yet to try. I can't wait to get back to the office… It was great!”
-Atlas Copco, Elizabeth McCormick, Commodity Manager
“This not only fine tunes your skills in the workplace but also in your everyday personal life. Patience and persistence pays!”
-Atlas Copco, Michael Sue, Engineer
“After this seminar I feel I can manage negotiations with a better attitude, and with more confidence, because of the tools and information I learned. I will put them into practice in my personal and professional lives.”
-Holcim Corporation, Jorge Castro, Procurement Account Manager
“This has to be the single best class I've ever taken to improve both my business and personal skills.”
-Hewlett-Packard, Kathy Gillich-Adams, Alliance Development Manager
“It was one of the best seminars we have ever attended. It was invigorating and the materials supplied were very good as well, and will be excellent reference resources.”
-Hill-Rom Co, Karen Erhart, Supply Chain Leader
“This program was an excellent way to learn the tools available for negotiation. I really enjoyed learning everything that was presented and participating in the classroom exercises. This training will make me more effective in my job and career.”
-Bombardier Aerospace (BAS), Jeffrey Green, Project Supervisor
“The seminar is by far the most powerful and comprehensive seminar I have ever attended. This will help me everyday from now on in both my profession and my personal life.”
-Bombardier/Learjet, Derek Thurmon, Project Manager
“This negotiation seminar is so powerful. I know it will change my life.”
-Bombardier, Bill Johnson, Director of Operations
“The Karrass program was very interesting. We learned skills that are practical and can be applied daily.”
-Bombardier Inc. , Robbin Fredette, Contract Administrator
“One of my favorite classes I've ever taken”
-Bombardier Learjet, Kevin Ensminger, MOD Engineer
“Extremely informative and thought provoking. Will make me negotiate more in future.”
-Bombardier Learjet, Randy Martin, Section Chief-Engineering
“Very valuable tools and strategies that can be applied to both personal and work environments. It helps to understand that we may have more power than we think in negotiating, and can use creative ways to provide both parties a win/win negotiation. Fun seminar. Highly recommend to others!”
-Autoliv, Martha Barela, Buyer/Planner
“It was very effective and I can't wait to incorporate some of the things I learned into my daily life.”
-Grote Industries, Kim Perkins, Buyer
“I never knew there were so many factors involved in the art of negotiating.”
-HEB Groceries, Arnol Garcia, Risk Management Representatives
“This program will help to make me a Lethal Negotiating Machine!”
-HEB Groceries, Valerie Heimer, Risk Manager
“This seminar was one of the most interactive sessions I've ever taken part in. It was very thought provoking.”
-HEB Grocery Company, Maribel McElroy, Manager Product Information
“The seminar gave me an excellent point of reference. I will be able to use in all aspects of dealing with people, both personally and professionally.”
-HEB Grocery Company, Richard Wolf, IS Manager
“I've been in the IT industry for 15 years and this has been, without a doubt, the most useful class I have ever taken.”
-HEB Grocery, Kevin Rankin, IT Project Manager
“The program surpassed my expectations!”
-HEB Grocery, Sandy Villarreal, Human Resources Manager
“The Karrass seminar clarifies techniques that I currently use as well as several that will put me in a better position in future negotiations. It also affirms that everything is negotiable.”
-HEB Groceries, Pete Kohrs, Buyer
“Karrass has made me see there is so much more to the negotiation process than I thought. Creating ‘new values' is a thrilling idea.”
-HEB Grocery Company, Annette Carrasco, Buyer
“Real world, real life tactics. Great training!”
-HEB Grocery Company, Brett Ramsey, Buyer
“Karrass provided me with a clear insight to better listening skills and negotiation tactics, enabling me to become more skilled at communication.”
-HEB Grocery Company, Sarah Houle, Buyer
“Wow! Now I can use all these helpful negotiating tools that were out there for me that I was not using before.”
-HEB Grocery, Ernesto Balderas, Produce DSD Buyer
“This course is a must for anyone who is seriously interested in doing the best job possible.”
-Highland Valley Copper, Al Danielson, Materials Management
“The program had a high energy level, interactive material content, and group participation and will be of value to anyone who negotiates in the work place and their personal life.”
-Bendix, Dale Lucas, Facilities Engineering Manager
“This course provided the framework by which each individual can empower themselves with tools to successfully negotiate at all levels in their personal and professional life.”
-Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC, Nick Asmis, Engineer Supervisor
“I wish I had this training 10 years ago. It would have saved my employer a lot of money.”
-Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC, Bill Schaffeld, Program Manager
“I believe the negotiating techniques I learned in the seminar will make me a more successful buyer for my company.”
-Bendix, Judi Clark, Buyer
“Karrass training provides powerful, insightful, practical tools for effective negotiating in any setting.”
-Bendix, Sandy Marakovich, Indirect Materials Buyer
“I'm glad I had this course early in my purchasing career so I won't have lost out on so many opportunities.”
-Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Becky Bareford, Manager
“This will help me better understand what's going on during negotiations, so that I can better strategize. It will make me be a better strategic negotiator, not just a natural one.”
-Honda America, Josh Tinelli, Engineer
“This program is something that everyone in a supervisory role should take. I think that it will help me better relate to people within my organization to negotiate for what I need.”
-Honda America, Tricia Blair, Team Leader
“Karrass puts humanity back into negotiating.”
-Honda, Franklin Fredrick, Associate Technical Specialist
“This course has made me re-evaluate the way I look at negotiations in the fact that I will listen a lot more for critical information.”
-Hennessy Industries, Whit Hesser, Senior Buyer
“Negotiating is both done at work and in everyday life. This course applies to both. A well developed seminar that you won't ever forget. Take it, it's worth it.”
-Beck, Dennis Grissom, Superintendent
“Our business today is going through a period of flux and everything is a negotiation, internally and externally. We are dealing with new vendors and business partners who are all demanding resources. This training will better prepare and equip me to deal with those demands.”
-Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Renae Anderson, Manager, Benefits Admin.
“Great program! I learned as much in two days as I did in other previous training courses that were one to two weeks long.”
-Harbour Homes, Tim Akins, Land Acquisition
“The class got me out of my negotiating shell, and provided me structure and confidence to negotiate and know what others are trying to do.”
-Borg Warner, Anthony Bugamelli, Sr. Program Engineer
“I have been in procurement for 10 years, but this is my first real educational experience. This seminar has helped me to expand on my strengths, identify my weaknesses and provide tools to improve both.”
-Hexion Specialty Chemicals, Elizabeth Vanbodergraven, Manager
“The practice negotiations section was very informative. I can really use this in real life applications.”
-Haynes International, Tom Terrell, Senior Buyer
“It's been a long time since I went to a seminar where the presenter kept me awake for two days. I want to congratulate Karrass in preparing such a dynamic, enthusiastic and fun seminar. It was great!”
-Guidant, Anthony Colon, Senior Buyer
“This was the most stimulating seminar I've ever been through. The material, discussions, use of real life examples were memorable. I know this program will save millions for my company.”
-CHEP, Travis Hudak, Strategic Operations Manager
“Great content and presentation. I really learned a lot.”
-Hayes Lemmerz International, Sujay Kodlikeri, Materials Manager
“Since my participation in the Karrass Effective Negotiating Seminar, it seems that my more recent negotiations have been less stressful from knowing that the other party is under a lot of the same pressures that I am. The process seems much more structured now and I consciously make it a point to go the extra steps to ensure the best results have been attained. Now it's just second nature.”
-Delaware Department of Transportation, Clayton Bedwell, Construction Supervisor
“Very positive, very enabling.”
-Hampton Affiliates, Sharon Diehl, Purchasing
“Program was great: good length, good presenter, great material.”
-Hamilton Sundstrand, Andrea Stevenson, Contracts Administrator
“This program has greatly increased my confidence and ability to negotiate for myself as well as my company.”
-Hallmark, LaDonna Echols, Senior Strategic Buyer
“It opened my eyes to many aspects of negotiating I did not know existed.”
-Helix Energy Solutions, Melissa Feng, Supply Chain Specialist
“I am so thankful there is a class that allowed me to see both sides of the deal!”
-Helix Energy Solution, Eric Vega, Supply Chain Specialist
“Thought provoking fun for everyday business life!”
-Helix Energy Solution, Melissa Wood, Supply Chain Specialist
“They do not teach you how to negotiate in college. You either have to learn the hard way through experience… or attend a Karrass course.”
-Cargill Inc. , Jay Frazer, Engineer
“Great program. It has something for everyone from beginner to expert. It will help to make the skills that I have sharper.”
-CareFirst Blue Cross Shield, Peter Van Kleek, Sr. Contract Admin
“Great presentation of material and interactive exercises. Very knowledgeable instructor. Very entertaining”
-GSA (General Services Administration), David Burditt, Reality Specialist
“I have been through quite a few seminars, both with Deutsche and previous employers. I can honestly say that I got the most out of this one. The games were actually helpful. They weren't just a method of acting out an idea, but gave more of a sense of realism.”
-Deutsche Financial Services, Andrew Hatfield, Recovery Analyst
“Excellent program -- brings to conscience what seems intuitive, yet exposes our counter-intuitive tendencies. Redirects your whole approach to negotiations.”
-Greenbrier Development, Stephen Young, CFO
“This course electrifies common sense negotiations with tact and strategy and gives the student real world armor for real world situations.”
-Health Management Associates, Kevin Rinks, Controller
“Greatest course ever.”
-BE Aerospace, Adam Acord, Buyer/Planner
“The best hands-on seminar I have ever experienced.”
-BE Aerospace, Alison Blevins, Purchasing Supervisor
“This is a great program that will really help as I begin to work with my suppliers.”
-Green Bay Packaging, Eric Nuber, Fiber Superintendent
“I walked in apprehensive and walked out knowledgeable.”
-Green Bay Packaging, Michele Cole, Purchasing Coordinator
“There are always new points to learn no matter how long you've been doing negotiating. The Karrass training is very good!”
-Green Bay Packaging, Mike Goemans, Senior Buyer
“This will really help me negotiate competitive pricing between the five vendors that I use.”
-Green Bay Packaging, Ralph Buhlin, Supply Supervisor
“The hands on negotiating training was a real eye opener when normally you are used to being only on one side of the negotiation.”
-Green Bay Packaging, Reuben Brown, Procurement
“This program clearly reveals the power of both the buyer and seller.”
-Green Bay Packaging, Tim Byler, Fiber Procurement
“Excellent program. This was quite an eye-opening experience. I learned a lot of hardy negotiating tricks that will be very useful in my job. I can't wait to put everything I learned to use.”
-Genentech, Wayne Kung, Outsourcing Coordinator
“The program is informative and certainly brings a lot of negotiation tactics that I never thought of to light. It made sense and was presented on a level that was easily understood.”
-Bayer, Joyce Musick, Buyer
“The methods discussed in class are time proven and continue to be true in the ever changing business world.”
-Bayer, Kent Kunefke, Purchasing Supervisor
“Even engineers can benefit from this Effective Negotiating class. It's not only about specs. At some point, you'll need to discuss price of raw materials, equipment, etc. And having another arrow in the quiver makes you that much more intimidating and effective.”
-Bostik Inc, Mike Estrella, R & D Manager
“It's the first training class I've been to in a long time that I didn't want to leave after 2 hours and was sorry to see it end.”
-Atlantic Inertial Systems, Mark Schwartz, Purchasing Manager
“Best seminar I have ever attended.”
-Atlantic Inertial Systems, Ralph Archer, Purchasing Manager
“I now feel well equipped to negotiate the contracts on my desk within the next few months.I'm also going to use this training to achieve savings in my personal life.”
-Gannett Inc. , Tory Gaskins, Buyer
“I will never be able to approach interactions with other on any level without thinking about what I have learned in this course.”
-Charles Schwab Company, Ciaren Reen, Senior Technical Project Manager
“Within a day I was a better negotiator… Hands down this training provides the most detailed map to effective communication while negotiating.”
-Food Services of America, Alan Imhof, Facilities Manager
“I negotiate all day, every day. This is one of the most practical courses I have ever taken. The material is well-written and our instructor very capably made it come to life. I highly recommend it regardless of your age, skill set or job description.”
-Halogen Software, Cindy McGann, General Counsel Legal Projects
“I always thought negotiating was an art; Karrass taught me some of the science behind it.”
-Halogen Software, Pete Low, Chief Financial Officer
“This has been a real eye-opener for me, providing insight and tons of thought-provoking information and skills I can put to use immediately, professionally, and personally.”
-Bristol-Myers Squibb, Cathie Miller, Category Buyer
“Negotiation is a 2-way street! This course provides an opportunity to understand pressures on both sides so you don't sell (or buy) yourself short! Great training!”
-Harris Corporation, Greg Winter, Facilities Administrator
“Offers many practical, real-world examples.”
-Graham Engineering, Amaris Michael, Buyer
“This is the best business course I've ever taken.”
-Gerdau Ameristeel, Kevin Cowan, Credit Analyst
“This course taught me more in two days than I learned in 12 years of purchasing! The information will be used everyday.”
-Armstrong World Industries, Charles Sauer, Purchasing
“This is the first really viable seminar I've ever been to. It tackles all areas of organization structure.”
-Embraer Aircraft Corp, Jason A. Gonzales, Supervisor of Repair Management
“Karrass takes the art of negotiating to the highest level.”
-Gemalto, Jim Wagner, Financial Systems Manager
“We had one really difficult negotiation with a firm to determine pricing for their services. It was the worst negotiation I have ever experienced. The training from the Karrass course gave me a definite advantage. Our outcome was positive, fair and beneficial to both parties. Your training also caused me to question what might be the reason for the tough stance they were taking. Some of the reasons, time has now revealed. They were issues that you covered in the seminar. It was wonderful training and the monthly negotiating tips have been great. Thank you!”
-Florida Dept of Transportation, Carolyn Wells, Project Manager
“I cannot begin to tell you how much the Karrass course has improved my level of confidence, not just as an agent, but as a person. I have often heard the expression, "When you expect more, you get more" but had never put it to the test until yesterday. I am no longer afraid of having a proposal rejected nor will I accept a first concession as the only possible concession. I THANK YOU SO MUCH for making the class as fun and interesting as you did. It was excellent!It has been, by far, the best training course I have taken to date!
-Florida Dept of Transportation, Sadira McGee, Right-of-Way Specialist
“Outstanding! This course can benefit employees at all levels of an organization.”
-Duke Energy, Doug Irmscher, Sr. VP, Florida Operations
“This method will empower me to understand the psychology of negotiating.”
-CSX Greenbrier, Matthew Stewart, Director of Engineering
“This seminar helped me realize not only what options or tools I have available to use in a negotiation but also how to identify which tactics are being used against me and how best to counter in order to reach a both-win resolution.”
-Guardian Industries Corp, Michelle Hlywa, Purchasing Coordinator
“Opened my eyes to new approaches.”
-Gordan Food Service, Dawn Helou, Bid Department Manager
“Karrass Effective Negotiating is a well designed course that is easy to understand and will help you be more successful beyond just negotiating price!”
-Gordan Food Service, Jay Straw, Director BPM
“Good information presented professionally, with a good mix of media and interacting exercises, makes this a very useful and informative course.”
-Gordan Food Service, Mike Williams, Brand Leader
“The program was excellent is helping me further develop my negotiating skills. I will use the information learned in the class with my internal and external customers.”
-Gordon Food Service, Steve Weitzmann, Buyer-Product Acquisition Lead
“This is an outstanding program and it's a program for everyone-not just members of sales or purchasing organizations.Whereas the Covey program focuses on a conceptual level, this program teaches me the actual techniques and skills. As a product manager, the techniques I've learned from this program will definitely enable me to negotiate more successfully with internal organizations such as engineering, logistics, etc. It will also help me in promoting my product externally to customers.This is the single most important workshop I've ever been to. With all the stuff I've learned, it feels like not just one, but numerous workshops combined into one!”
-Ericsson, Winnie Sung, Product Manager
“Excellent program. I will propose that my entire Senior Management Team take this program. Just outstanding.”
-Danaher Motion, Neil Friedlander, V. P. Operations
“The program was excellent. The instructor, materials, and topics covered were well above par. Definitely the most advantageous class/seminar I have attended in my professional career will help quite a bit both at work and at home.”
-Gilchrist Construction, Justin Rhodes, Office Engineer
“I have taken programs for 20 years this has been the best one ever.”
-Gilchrist Construction, Shane Carter, U. P. Engineer
“Good combination of common sense tools and intuition-challenging techniques.”
-Honeywell, Eric Waller, ISC Director
“This training gave me tools I did not have previously to get more than I thought and hopefully give me the guts to aim higher.”
-Honeywell, James O'Bannon, Senior Project Engineer
“I now understand the actions happening within a negotiation and the power has shifted to my side.”
-Honeywell, John Smith, Program Manager
“I just wish I took this class many years ago.”
-Honeywell, John Zadik, Engineer
“This program will really help me to get more out of my negotiations.”
-Honeywell, Josh Lawton, Operations Leader
“This was an opportunity to practice skills in a safe environment with coaching will allow me to have increased confidence when I negotiate.”
-Honeywell, Kathleen O'Driscoll, Human Resources Manager
“This is a powerful course for both professional and personal improvement.”
-Honeywell, Kris Venezia, Program Manager
“It cements why I need to build positive relationships to improve all my communications and negotiations to increase my effectiveness and my personal fulfillment.”
-Honeywell, Loren Wagner, Program Manager
“This program will help me better deal with the really difficult people in my organization.”
-Honeywell, Michael Mulkern, Air Transport
“It rocks! Thank you. Thank you. I can take this into reality!”
-Honeywell, Miki Simpson, Engineer
“Well worth your time. Many lessons that can be used business as well as life.”
-Honeywell, Paul Stone, Applications Engineer
“I now have a new appreciation for negotiation and the art of negotiating. Class will help me in business and in my personal life.”
-Honeywell, Diane Seifried, Facilities Coordinator
“Prior to this class I felt as though I was getting eaten alive by internal negotiations with sales reps. Now I feel prepared to challenge what they are saying and bet to their real needs.”
-Honeywell, Steve Quarry, Planner
“Perhaps the most dynamic and invigorating seminars I've ever attended.”
-Honywell, David Zeitoune, Sr. Engineering Manager
“Karrass negotiating training will help me to get the most out of day to day negotiations, either at work or personal life.”
-Honeywell, Ana Olivas, Planner Buyer
“This is a very useful tool for our activities not only in work but in life. It helps you understand how to negotiate and what skills or knowledge you need.”
-Honeywell, Anevelia Ibanez Leyva, Planner Buyer
“I just love this training course!”
-Honeywell, Cindo Garcia, Planner Buyer
“Helpful for all skill levels of buyers and sellers builds a foundation for those starting and refreshes the more experienced”
-Honeywell, Gregg Drost, Strategic Buyer
“Great tools were provided to help us better our job of buying. Thanks!”
-Honeywell, Iliana Ma, PBA
“The program is a life-changing experience. It changes how you view opportunities.”
-Honeywell, Luis Aspeitia, Supply Quality Tech
“I used the information I learned in this program that same day. It really works!”
-Honeywell, Mark Okeefe, Materials Manager
“The Karrass training will help in your day-to-day work as well as in your personal life, to make some better deals out of everything.”
-Honeywell, Oscar Vega Romero, Planner/Buyer
“This seminar is effective for anyone who wants to tone their skills. We all use negotiating skills in our job personal lives. No matter what skills level you are at, you will gain.”
-Honeywell, Stephanie Stager, Buyer
“This is really going to help me to negotiate better prices with all my vendors.”
-Honeywell, Zuzeth Amparano, Planner Buyer
“The program takes basic human relations principles and puts them in the context of negotiating. I have learned several techniques and tools that will create more win-win negotiations with Albertson's and our vendors.”
-Albertsons Inc. , Denny Robison, Category Manager
“This was one of the most thought provoking seminars I have attended. After the first negotiation game, I realized how much more effective I will be with these skills. I loved the fact that it was direct, concise, and fun. Your seminar is head and shoulders above the rest of the field. Thank you!”
-Albertsons Inc. Kristi Quinn, HBC Buyer
“Good recap. Enjoyed the fact that you can apply this to business and personal matters.”
-Google Inc, Irina Crone, Senior Buyer
“Loved the program, the presenter was great. As a buyer this certainly enhances my negotiation skills.”
-Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, Marlynn Lee, Raw Materials Buyer
“Outstanding class with relevant and very useful info.”
-Goodyear, Michelle Fray, Senior Buyer
“Best example of cases and demonstration videos of any of the three courses I have taken. They are interesting and demonstrated the negotiating principles in a real life way.”
-Goodyear, Shawn Pace, Global Materials Manager
“If I don't save my company at least an additional $1 million this year because of this seminar, I'm not doing a very good job.”
-Arizona Public Service, Justin Thompson, Policy Manager
“Program was very good. An excellent reinforcement of principles in use every day in business and personal life.”
-Hydro Systems, Dave McDowell, Strategic Purchasing Manager
“Energizing thought provoking and mind expanding.”
-Hydro Systems, Deborah Cronin, Buyer
“I can already figure out many ways that this seminar will pay for itself, both in my professional and personal life. Great job!”
-Hydro-Quebec, Hugo Levert, Commercial Delegate
“Excellent layout of negotiating basics and more advanced tactics, will help me better prepare for all of my negotiations-even those with my teenaged daughter!”
-High Falls Brewing Company, Tammy Roy, Buyer
“It's practical and provided me with a more logical and systematic approach to negotiating.”
-Hutchinson Technology, Byron Fredman, Senior Contract Analyst
“Excellent program and exceptional qualified instructor, this will be of great help in my dealings with my suppliers in Japan, France and Germany.”
-Hutchinson Technology, James Bobier
“Very informative and insightful.”
-Hutchinson Technology, Mary Seekon-Matsuura, Senior Buyer
“I would recommend this class to all -- very informative. I will use all skills learned in every day life as well as at work.”
-GKN Aerospace, Heather Merrett, Contracts Administrator
“A must for everyone. Not only applies to business World but in every-day private life.”
-GKN Aerospace, Kim Unick, Contracts Administrator
“This has been the most informational seminar I've ever had.”
-Gentex Optics, Cindy Denham, Buyer
“This seminar has given me the extra edge needed to be a very good negotiator.”
-Gentex, Cathy Stroh, Buyer
“I think this is an outstanding course. Even with 25 experience in purchasing I learned some new things.”
-General Chemical, John Krmpotich, Senior Buyer
“This is an outstanding course, Recommended for both new and experienced negotiators.”
-Gatan Inc. , John F. May, Purchasing Agent
“Outstanding! I can't wait to use the techniques that I have learned.”
-Gatan Inc. , Jason Rath, Senior Procurement Agent
“This program validated what I already knew and showed me where I need to work to become an effective negotiator.”
-Gartner, Janine Brown, Manager Global Corp Purchasing
“Definitely worth the money!”
-Fulton Companies, Kimberly Teft, Buyer
“This is really going to increase my purchasing skills dramatically.”
-Fulton Company, Erika Metott, Assistant Buyer
“I considered myself a good negotiator, now I consider myself a great and well informed negotiator.”
-Fry's Food and Drug, Teresa Tucker, Category Manager
“This is a great program. I will use the tactics and different skills that were taught this week in all of my future negotiations!”
-Frito Lay, Reggie Nayar, Purchasing Manager
“I thought this was an excellent presentation. I am leaving with more confidence and tools to learn to how to be successful at reaching my goal of lower prices.”
-Forman Mills, Lucie Zephirin, Buyer
“This seminar is most helpful in my job, there are not many seminars like this available and the cases are wonderful practice!”
-Fona International, Carolyn Lorenz, Buyer
“Very Impressive Seminar!”
-Fona International, Jorge Pena, Material Control Manager
“The best tool I took away from the course was the strategy of concession making. This was, without any doubt a very useful seminar. Compared to other training I've received, this was Excellent!”
-Fluor Daniel, Gerard Bakker, Dept. Head, Contracts
“After more than 36 years of seeing negotiations, I now have a new visual of how negotiations are really a process. Thanks!”
-Fleet Pride, Doug Gaddis, Strategic Sourcing Manager
“Insightful, helpful, actual. These are techniques that are easily applied to real life situations.”
-Fiskars, Louis Pins, Supply Analyst
“A very intense two days, that you will come out and still want more.”
-Fisher Wavy, Danny Goulden, Operations Manager
“This is an excellent program. I now have confidence in my negotiating skills.”
-Fiserv, Elaine Iwnoha Young, Senior Purchasing Agent
“The program was great, I'll recommend to all buyers at my company.”
-Berlin Packaging, Angela Pak, Buyer
“This was a great overall course to help a novice or experienced negotiator.Whatever stage you are at you will end up with much better tools to more effectively do your job.”
-Berlin Packaging, Cathy Ortner, Buyer
“Outstanding, Very Real. Would Definitely Recommend to Others”
-Berlin Packaging, Frankie Sexton, Regional Purchasing Manager
“Excellent class, I should have taken this years ago.”
-Federal Mogul, Spencer Flora, Operations Manager
“The Karrass Negotiating Seminar has made me more confident when approaching any negotiable situation. Thanks!”
-Federal Mogul, Roxanne Najor, Inventory Analyst
“Fun class enjoyed presenter and his presentation of a difficult subject.”
-Bechtel Power, Cheryl Hatcher, Purchasing Supervisor
“After completion of the first day, I already began recommending the program.”
-Bechtel Power, Daryl Swartwood, Buyer
“Lively and exhilarating presentation, makes you rethink the everyday approach to negotiating.”
-Bechtel, Kurt Belter, Project Procurement Mgr."
“Karrass is the best negotiating training that a person can receive. The earlier you get the training the more benefit you will derive from it for personal and business related issues over the course of your life.”
-Bechtel, Gary R. Jones, Purchasing Supervisor
“This program is fantastic! I know it will help me to manage suppliers better, thus affecting my company's bottom line.”
-Bechtel, Justin Turney, Purchasing Specialist
“I don't think any purchasing specialist could be complete without good negotiations skills, and this course is worth its weight in gold.”
-Bechtel, Shelley Porier, Purchasing Specialist
“What a fun and eye-opening program. It made me think about better ways to negotiate.”
-Baxter BioScience, Helen Beales, Buyer
“The information and material presented was clear, concise, and ‘real world' information that I can apply to everyday scenarios.”
-Bax Global, Gilbert Salas, Import Product Manager
“Great program. Presenter was very professional.”
-Basell USA Inc. , Robert Lachance, Regional Buyer
“Karrass is the best negotiation training I have taken. This is a ‘Bang' good seminar.”
-Baker Hughes, Darrell L. Marullo, Sr. Commodity Analyst
“Outstanding program, with guiding principles and rules easy enough to be applied in the most difficult situations.”
-Bank of America, JoAnn Boddie, AVP, Sourcing Lead
“The Karrass seminar was Excellent! Opened my eyes to a new way to negotiate.”
-Avnet, Charlton Jarava, Contracts Manager
“The training reminded me about all the possibilities to consider and the power I have. Your suggested approaches were different and helpful. I definitely have improved my skills and confidence level. You did a great job!”
-Aventis Pharmaceuticals, Jesse Nelson, Procurement
“I will go into negotiations with a much greater confidence now.”
-Avanade, Paul Kidd, Procurement
“A great experience that gave me a real strategy for negotiating”
-Avanade, Jarrod Jones, Engineering
“This is the greatest of all Negotiation Seminars. This is the one and only. ‘The Mother of all Negotiation Seminars'”
-ATI Firth Sterling, Irma Olivarez, Buyer
“Negotiation principals presented in an entirely new way.”
-Areva NP-Siemens, Edward Perlowitz, Purchasing Agent
“Karrass Effective Negotiating has equipped me with efficient methods for negotiating within the service industry.”
-Areva NP, Inc, Paul Nicholas, Product Engineering Manager
“The program helps buyers map their way through the negotiating minefield.”
-Arch Coal Inc, Calvin Hall, Director Terminals and Procurement
“An information packed learning experience worth the time and effort.”
-Arch Coal Inc, Nick Johnson, Purchasing Manager
“I now realize how to make negotiating a win-win affair.”
-Aramco Services Company, Carolyn Mitchell, Senior Buyer
“Every organization and person can benefit from taking this seminar.”
-Aramco Services Company, Karin Joe, Medical Buyer
“The feedback, from both groups, was that the instructor and the course material was excellent and that it was one of the best negotiation courses anyone had ever taken. Thanks!”
-American Online, Inc. , John Caldwell, Executive Director
“The Karrass class was the single best training class/seminar I have ever attended. The instructor had a refreshing ability to keep the entire class engaged at all times. That is rare in business seminars these days. Every time we did an exercise it taught you what to do differently next time. Thanks.”
-American Express, Kim Cohen, Procurement
“Now I am much more comfortable negotiating with vendors. I am not afraid to ask for just about anything, all they can do is say no. The class really helped me.”
-American Electric Power, Rohdonda Hardin, IT Buyer
“The Karrass ways of negotiating and the way the information was presented helped me to realize that I do have the strength and confidence inside of myself to become a strong and knowledgeable negotiator.”
-Ames True Temper, Janine Carman, Purchasing Coordinator
“Outstanding! Fast paced! Great exercises!”
-Ames True Temper, Larry Schuchart, Buyer/Engineer
“Outstanding training!”
-American Airlines, Raj Srinivasagam, Senior Manager
“Best negotiations training I've ever attended. Very informative, interactive, and fun!”
-Alstom Power, Deena LeDuc, Buyer
“The most interesting negotiation training I have ever received.”
-Alstom, John Hennessy, Purchasing Manager
“Very informative, energetic. I would recommend the program to all buyers. Shows both sides of the coin.”
-Alps Automotive, Christiane Pirrone, Purchasing Admin
“Great seminar, I learned techniques I would never have thought of using. Opened up a new sense of power and understanding on my way of negotiating.”
-Alfa Wassermann Inc. , Joycelyn Huyler, Purchasing Administrator/Buyer
“Thank you for exposing me to many new tactics and negotiating skills.”
-ALDI, Inc., Scott Gerbec, Director of Corporate Purchasing
“Karrass has given me the confidence I'll need to make great deals happen.”
-ALDI Inc., Tina Morascyzk, Director of Real Estate
“It will help me save my company a lot of money. It will make me a stronger negotiator.”
-ALDI Inc., Michael How, Buyer
“I feel that this seminar was outstanding. I've never before sat down and thought about the many different negotiating tactics that exist. In the future, it will be much easier recognizing these tactics now that I know their names.”
-ALDI Inc., Justin Lehrke, Buyer
“This is a great seminar that applies to all areas in both your professional and personal life.”
-Aldi Foods, Phil Beattie, Director of Administration
“Hands-on training at its best!”
-Alcoa Prime Services, Christopher Jeruzal, Procurement Manager
“The material in this course helps take the blinders off the traditional zero sum negotiating game.”
-Alcatel, Doug Risdall, Contract Specialist
“Excellent program. Every buyer should attend no matter what level of experience.”
-Albemarle, David Buchanan, Site Purchasing Manager
“Well worth the fee as this will have an immediate impact to our bottom line.”
Akzo Nobel, Dave Genco, Purchasing Manager
“It is such a good program that I came from Brazil to attend.”
Akzo Nobel, Sandra Cardim, Buyer
“Excellent material, highly engaging andn useful resources.”
-Air Motion Systems, Paul Byron, Director of Purchasing
“Excellent material—extremely usable!”
-Agilent Technologies, Carol Dykes, Procurement Specialist
“Probably the most valuable skill a person should master outside of public speaking. Wish I could have taken this seminar 10 years ago.”
-Agilent Technologies, David McFeely, Program Manager
“Best class I've ever taken. It really relates to real life experiences.”
-Aeroflex, Jeff Klootwyk, Buyer
“Great course. Good for anyone that negotiates.”
-Bemis, Mick Washmon, Purchasing Agent
“This really works, have been very effective in negotiating a spare parts contracts.”
-Hydro One Networks, Jim Shier, Manager Telecom Engineering
“Very dynamic and informative program!”
-Hunt, Guillot and Associates, Jim Atchison, Engineering Manager
“I have never talked to a past participant (and now myself) who has not said ‘This will be the most enjoyable and most useful seminar you will ever attend!”
-Hunt,Guillot and Associates, John Cutler, Project Manager
“Dr. Karrass' program is like a magnifying glass to negotiating. What you thought you perceived about making deals you now see in a larger scope and in much greater detail.”
-Hyundai, Ivan Villanueva, Purchasing Agent
“The information is very helpful, can link to reality doing negotiation internally and externally.”
-Hyundai, Yumi Chong, Buyer
“The Karrass Effective Negotiating Seminar has provided me with a box of very useful negotiating tools.”
-Hyundai, Philip Tomlin, Buyer
“The information is very helpful, can link to reality doing negotiation internally and externally.”
-Hyundai, Yumi Chong, Buyer
“This class provides a 360Ëš view in the art of negotiation.”
-Hughes Supply Inc., Don Taylor, VicePresident
“Program increased my self confidence and showed me the value of negotiation.”
-Hughes Supply Inc. , Teresa Baker, Branch Manager
“Karrass seminar leader presented the material in a ‘real life' atmosphere. The program was entertaining and informative. I will certainly go about negotiating in a whole new way.”
-Hughes Supply, Inc. , Mike Love, Tool Manager
“No matter how long you've been involved in negotiating with others, you will learn strategies and tactics in this course that you will use to be more effective.”
-Hughes Supply, Larry Sole, Vendor Category Manager
“The Karrass Effective Negotiating Seminar is an excellent way for everyone (rookie to experienced) to have negotiating skills.”
-Honda America, Tresa Mitchell, Technical Specialist
“This program has made a big impact on the way I think about everyday situations. I plan on using these techniques when developing project timelines.”
-Honda America, Burke McDuffie, Business Coordinator
“I was not sure how to negotiate before taking class. Now, I understand that negotiation is a process that must be managed.”
-Honda America, Jeff Driver, Engineer Coordinator
“Really enjoyable class! Class included lots of real world practicing.”
-Honda America, Julie Zoldak, Staff Engineer
“During some tense negotiations you give away to much valuable information which is limiting your fire power for unblocking these situations. This will improve a lot now!”
-Honda Europe, Peter Derudder, Engineer
“Instructor is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about this material. Presentation style is wonderful and makes the material very interesting, examples make this class fun, exciting and upbeat. I feel that I can use what I was taught and be confident in my future negotiations.”
-Honda of America, Rebecca Cuozzo, EC
“No other course I have taken is more directly related to my job on a day to day basis than this one.”
-Honda of Canada Mfg, Rick Bosma, Engineer
“This course teaches you skills for LIFE, to apply everyday, that will make you grow as a human being, optimizing situations around you, and within you.”
-Honda of Canada Mfg, Rodrigo Crovat, Product Engineer
“Every business professional should take this program in the beginning of their professional life.”
-Honda of Canada, Onur Yazar, Logistics Rep
“The Effective Negotiating seminar was one of the most beneficial classes I have taken at Honda. I feel that I now have the tools and resources to negotiate to a greater benefit for both myself and my company.”
-Honda, Brett Berens, Engineering Staff
“This seminar allowed me to understand both sides of a negotiation and provided tools to perform and complete a successful process.”
-Honda, Joel Patterson Blight, Assistant Manager
“An awesome presentation. Great real world analogies to illustrate negotiating behaviors. The model negotiations were extremely educational.”
-Honda, John Ronyak, Team Leader
“If you are finding road blocks when seeking results, give this seminar a chance. Sometimes the solutions are obvious, we just need pointed in the right direction. Karrass techniques provide the map.”
-Honda America, Randy Forson, Administrative Coordinator
“I believe this course should be mandatory for all Honda associates. Exceptional training!”
-Honda, Rodney Moon, Tech Specialist
“My apprehension towards negotiation was relieved after taking this course. Excellent training.”
-Honda America, Ryan Hoying, Engineering Coordinator
“Provides incredible insight into helping you get what you need from others.”
-Honda, Sharon O'Neil, IS Security
“This course has helped me to discover my potential to be a strong negotiator-a quality that coming in, I did not have.”
-Honda, Teresa Wylie, Product Engineering
“Karrass will help to break tough discussions open and bring it to another level by changing my mindset.”
-Honda Europe, Skyn Moes, Procurement Specialist
“Best course I ever took. This course will help me in my work environment and my personal life.”
-Honda of Canada, Bill Kaake, Purchasing
“Entertaining and thought provoking. This is really good training!”
-Honda of Canada, Dave Black, Supply Rep
“The Karrass negotiating course has given me a new found confidence in entering potentially stressful contract situations. Skills learned through the course have enabled me to achieve significant unit cost downs while having the other party still leave the table satisfied. Thank you for the great training!”
-Honda of Canada, Marian Hammacott, Logistics Contract Mgr
“This course helped to take the fear out of negotiating. It provides simple, logical steps to get a good deal at work or in your personal life.”
-Honda of Canada, Marla Lovett, Buyer
“Excellent material and presentation. Enjoyed all of the practical applications.”
-Honda of Canada, Ron Russell, Purchasing Group Leader
“The program was presented in a realistic and upbeat manner. Many tools and case studies were shared to reinforce the program workbook materials.”
-Honda, Audrey Rosier, Buyer
“Every purchasing Associate with the auto industry should be here in this seminar.”
-Honda, Sam Archer, Procurement
“It's a fact that cannot be negotiated, the Karrass group is the best negotiating instructors in the business. If you do not believe it I am sure they have the data to prove it.”
-Honda, Stephen Axt, Supply Management
“It is a great seminar! You had better take it.”
-Honda, Tarik London, Purchasing Agent
“Great Job. Really useful negotiating techniques.”
-Home Depot, Brian Cunnard, Real Estate Manager
“This training is well worth the time and money.”
-Home Depot, James Sputzer, Senior Real Estate Manager
“Karrass Effective Negotiating should be required training for all levels of Home Depot. There would be an immediate return on the investment!”
-Home Depot, Mike Todd, R. E. Director
“This training is a must for anyone who wants to keep a competitive edge in their work or personal life experiences.”
-Home Depot, Tom Gallagher, Real Estate Manager
“Excellent course, opened my eyes to concepts I had rough knowledge about. Skills I will use in all phases of my professional and personal life.”
-Hexion Specialty Chemicals, Jeff Wolcott, Planning Manager
“Wonderful, a powerful tool to help me to leverage my skills.”
-Hexion Specialty Chemicals, Vera Niida, Global Technical Manager
“This program will pay for itself within the week.”
-Hexion Specialty Chemicals, Dave Collins, Divisional VP of Global Procurement
“Information from this course will help me to understand seller pressures, improve the quality of my negotiations outcomes, and develop a broader range of outcome options”
-Hexion Specialty Chemicals, Jim Hartman, Indirect Procurement Manager
“This program was one of the best presented programs I've taken. It will clearly assist me with better planning for negotiation.”
-Hewlett Packard, Frederick Daigle, Procurement Manager
“Many people fail to achieve their potential because they don't see the opportunities to negotiate a win/win agreement with their colleagues. This class is an eye opener to this dynamic.”
-Hewlett Packard, Stuart Brogden, Contracts Manager
“This course forced me to evaluate my previous experiences in negotiation. I was surprised the number of ways and identify how to improve.”
-Henkel Corporation, Paul Morganelli, Technical Manager
“Hands-on techniques and information that I can use when I walk out the door.”
-Henkel of America, Stephanie Grober, IT Supervisor
“The program was spectacular, very informative, has enabled me to feel as if I am more empowered to perform my duties.”
-Henkel Technologies, Ginger Hillis, Site Engineer
“Very insightful seminar. Tremendous amount of energy that makes a potentially dry topic, fun and enlighting.”
-Hendrickson International, Brent Fink, Director, HR
“This seminar showed me how to be more effective in dealing with everyday interactions at work. It has shown me that as long as we are able to exchange information, we can come up with satisfactory outcome for both parties.”
-Hendrickson International, Hormoz Kerendian, Sr. Engineer Manager
“From day one I saw practical application for the techniques we learned in the program. I instantly saw opportunity; both those I may have missed in the past, and those I will take full advantage of in the days to come.”
-Hendrickson International, Marlin Smith, Human Resources Manager
“Excellent! Made me look at negotiating in a whole new light and made me realize what has occurred in the past can help me change future outcomes.”
-Hendrickson International, Darlene MacMillan, Operations
“This course has been very useful to help learn negotiating tactics, but not just for external (customers) but in my case, internal reasons. A great course!”
-Hendrickson International, Rob Stack, Program Manager
“Useful, interesting and well presented.”
-Hendrickson International, Scott Fulton, Dir. Product Development
“I've been to many negotiation seminars in the past, this is by far the best. I will be remembering the buzz words, nibble, garbage on the lawn, etc. during discussions. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
-Hendrickson International, Lori Anderson, Purchasing Supervisor
“Top notch program, presenter and resources.”
-Health Management Associates, Ben Gilbert, Controller
“I wish I'd participated in this seminar years ago, it's a great tool for successful business development.”
-Health Management Associates, Colleen Tymensky, Chief Nursing Officer
“The program simplifies the complex issue of negotiating using practical applications.”
-Health Management Associates, Joe Bernard, Associate Administrator
“Frightening clarity of non-obvious material. Proves that my perceptions of my negotiation skills were harmfully wrong.”
-Health Management Associates, Mike Stephens, Controller
“I now have a way to put the puzzle pieces together. This will assist with my understanding both sellers and buyers perspectives coming into and during a negotiation.”
-HD Supply Canada, Chris Foster, Product Manager
“It was well worth the time spend over the 2 days. It opened my eyes to a whole new side of discussion/negotiations. It is a 2-way process, both a seller and a buyer of ideas.”
-HD Supply Canada, Mike Dennis, Product Manager
“Great class, high energy, useful negotiation exercises”
-Harris Corporation, D. Marie Judes, SC Manager
“Awesome! Great topics covered that will make me a more confident negotiator.”
-Harris Corporation, Holly Verderame, SC Manager
“This seminar will take you out of your comfort zone!”
-Harris Corporation, Tim Maynard, FAC-Manager
“I can't imagine a more tool intensive negotiating course -- in such a short duration.”
-Harris IT Services, Tom McGovern, Ops Manager
“I highly recommend this program. It was filled with positive negotiation techniques which will help me to increase the cooperation in our organization and maintain the respect and self-esteem of those I work with. I plan on personally communicating this program to the Senior VP's in our company.”
-Harris/RF Communications, Tim Klembczyk, Senior Principal Engineering
“This program helps you see the whole picture not just what you are looking for, but what the other party is looking for as well.”
-Harris Corporation, Brian Powers, Procurement
“Very knowledgeable and very dynamic presentation”
-Harris Corporation, Jaime Ruiz, Senior Procurement Administrator
“Excellent content! Great seminar!”
-Harris Corporation, Leo Ballos, Materials Manager
“Stimulating and thought provoking. Applicable to all aspects of life both personal and business.”
-Harman Music Group, David Bybee, PCB CAD Manager
“This is by far one of the best programs I have attended. The quality and quantity of the materials was very appropriate for our audience needs.”
-Harman Music Group, Della Matthews, Director-ER and Development
“I can see how to use this class immediately in my engineering job.”
-Harman Music Group, Mark Kohagen, Hardware Engineer
“Applying the principles taught in this program has the potential to save our company hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.”
-Harman Music Group, Roger Johnsen, VP of Engineering
“This negotiating seminar will elevate ‘buyers' to purchasing professionals. Covers all the things you need to know to improve negotiating skills at work and in private life.”
-Harman Music Group, Nick Athens, Buyer
“This is the best program I have ever had in my career. It was worth my time to attend this fabulous class. It helps me tremendously from my job and personal life.”
-Harman Music Group, Pancy Wu, Commodity Manager
“Best seminar I have been to -- well worth the money! Love the take home material! Very much enjoyed it and will take the applications into my daily life.”
-Harman Music Group, Shaunna Killian, Buyer
“The Karrass seminar has taught me that there are many more ways to negotiate than I ever thought or imagined.”
-Harbour Homes, Tom Harris, Production Manager
“Participating in this seminar has been an empowering experience. I've gained confidence and some very practical skills.”
-Harbour Homes, Brian Mannelly, Land Development Project Manager
“I have attended numerous company sponsored seminars and workshops this year. The Karrass Negotiation Seminar was by far the best. The seminar was informative, knowledgeable, and entertaining. I highly recommend this program.”
-Harbour Homes, John Merlino, GM/VP
“If you think you can't afford the time or money to take this course -- think again, you can't afford not to!”
-Harbour Homes, Ryan Girvan, Production Manager
“Outstanding and intriguing!The skills learned in this course can be applied to all aspects of life.”
-Halogen Software, Jamieson Leitch, Implementation Consultant
“Brilliant seminar. The time flies by!”
-Halogen Software, Peter DeRosa, Web Marketing Project Manager
“This training opened my eyes to a whole new world of perspectives.”
-Halogen Software, Ufuk Orhun, Product Development Manager
“Improve your negotiating and communicating skills. This was the most informative seminar that I have ever attended, Thanks!”
-Halliburton, Hal Comstock, Mud Engineer
“I can use this information every day in my professional and personal life.”
-Halliburton Energy Services, Tim Wright, Operations Leader
“It will help me in all aspects and especially when negotiating with the customers.”
-Halliburton, Amr Azzam, Senior Technical Professional
“I wish I had taken this course six months ago.”
-Halliburton, Chris Dempsey, Cape Team Leader
“Course will permit a systematic approach to negotiations—no longer will I attempt to ‘wing it'.”
-Halliburton, Colin Tenple, Chemist
“This is a very interesting program in aspect and content. It will help me a lot in my career dealing with clients, and also in my everyday life.”
-Halliburton, Daniel Erivaldo, Mud Engineer
“You have tried the rest, now learn to negotiate from the best—a program that enlightens and allows you to have a fresh view.”
-Halliburton, Dave Henson, Principal Tech Professional
“Spend some time, prepare for future. Karrass can take you there.”
-Halliburton, Doug Cormack, PSL Coordinator
“Negotiating is all around us, now I know how to recognize it.”
-Baroid/Halliburton, Technical Proffesional
“The program has created a lot valuable ideas and experiences, utilized from different cultures, the program also improves our skills have a good communication and negotiation skill can be utilized to improve the business.”
-Halliburton, Mohamed Gaber, Senior Drilling Fluid Engineer
“Very good program that was both interactive and enjoyable. It will help me recognize and react appropriately against the negotiating tactics that the buyers will employ against me.”
-Halliburton, Nelson McMillan, Completion Fluids
“The class will help with getting information from the client or customer for matching product needs with service.”
-Halliburton Energy Services, Richard Hallmark, Principal Technical Professional
“This program will open your eyes about how to improve your negotiating skills.”
-Halliburton Energy Services, Robert Hsia, Technical Professional
“The program gave me the confidence and knowledge to negotiate more effectively!”
-Halliburton, Vincent Pollinzi, Application Consultant
“Lack of negotiation skills is like running on flat tires.”
-Halliburton, Frank Heaney, Field Service Coordinator
“Excellent. Useful to learn a lot about the best way and methods for negotiation.”
-Halliburton, Ibrahim Mostalfa Arafa, FP II
“This program reveals the pertinent issues we take for granted in negotiations.”
-Halliburton, KC Joshua
“The training really helped me to prepare better before a negotiation. It showed me what I should be thinking about a bit more before I make the phone call to the supplier.”
-Halliburton, Rannveig Sunde, Service Co-Coordinator
“Excellent program! Informative educational and entertaining. Skills learned will prove to close more deals and increase profits.”
-Guardian Industries, Norm Jordan, Fabrication Project Manager
“Almost every aspect of business incorporates opportunities to negotiate -- but only if you know how to identify them. This training opens your eyes to unlimited possibilities.”
-Guardian Industries, Roddy Greig, Maintenance Project Manager
“Excellent program with easily learned tactics that could apply to any business.”
-Guardian, Kristin George, Packaging Engineer
“Extremely insightful, fun, an overall eye-opening experience.”
-Guardian Automotive, Carlos Cruz, Buyer
“It made me believe in my self confidence. It was very relaxing and educational and taught me skills and tips in negotiating, I would suggest everyone take this class. You won't be the same when come out as compared to how you felt before finishing the course.”
-Guardian Automotive, Laura Vose, MRO Administrator
“Excellent overall presentation to the world of negotiations.”
-GSA (General Services Admin), Clark Vanepps, Director
“Wow! Wow! Wow! I needed this years ago.”
-GSA (General Services Admin), Cheryl Harvey, Property Disposal Specialist
“This course will pay for itself the first time that you apply its principles.”
-GSA (General Services Admin), Gabriel Head, Project Manager
“Great course would recommend it to everyone”
-Grupo Antolin, Terry Quinley, Quality Manager
“I had not even finished the training and had to go into negotiation over the phone, your training helped me realize my weak position since I was using the telephone to negotiate. I could not interact the same way as if I was actually present. Therefore we delayed the decision to a future encounter.”
-Grupo Antolin Louisiana, Everardo Recendiz, Plant Manager
“Awesome! Karrass really knows what their doing. Thanks!”
-Grupo Antolin, Wendel Martin, Buyer
“A very interesting seminar, the presenter kept the attendees captivated and presented very well. The best seminar I have ever attended.”
-Grupo Antolin, Anne Perreault, Buyer
“Information is very valid and provides our experienced professionals with real life experiences and stories. Best negotiating seminar ever!”
-Grupo Antolin North America, Wendel Martin, Buyer
“Very helpful in understanding what elements make up the better negotiation techniques.”
-Great American Ins. , Danielle Dunn, Senior Underwriter
“Practical points and insights which you can apply in the real world.”
-Great American Ins. Co, Ellen Forte Biondo, V. P. -Claims
“Great seminar for building strong negotiation skills and good business relationships.”
-Great American Insurance Company, Kenan Wilkerson, Underwriter
“My brain waves were on extreme high frequency within hours of beginning this course. I can't wait to implement what I've learned and further hone my negotiation skills.”
-Great American Insurance, Co, Robin Baerg, Underwriter
“Eye opening and thoroughly entertaining with direct business applications”
-Goodrich Corporation, Robert Craig Bird, Program Manager
“The program provided me tools to recognize techniques and counter methods during negotiations and the importance of planning.”
-Goodrich Corporation, Ron Carver, Program Manager
“Outstanding packages all skills in a format that makes them easily understood.”
-Goodrich Corporation, Jeremy Earley, Manager
“Helps you understand the stages of negotiation and identify what to do next.”
-Goodrich Corporation, Cheryl Gonzalez, Commodity Manager
“Excellent class, certainly skills and tools were presented which I can use throughout life.”
-Glenn O Hawbaker, Chris Logue, Project Manager
“The most fun, but practicable training I have had—it can all be applied.”
-Glenn O Hawbaker, Dan Bauman, Asphalt Operations
“Excellent presentation and presenter. I felt feeling much more confident in my negotiating skills. Well worth the price of admission.”
-Glenn O Hawbaker, Jay Bloam, Project Manager
“No longer will I go into a negotiation blind to the other's circumstances.”
-Glenn O Hawbaker, P. J Connoly, Project Manager
“The programs provides excellent training on negotiating skills that you can use in every aspect of your life.”
-Glenn O Hawbaker, Pat Hawbaker, VP Construction
“The class puts a new perspective on the entire negotiation process and really puts the process and procedure into a format that makes buyers or negotiating an exciting activity.”
-Gilchrist Construction, Alexander Compton, Project Manager
“Exciting, not boring, and very educational.”
-Gilchrist Construction, Alsey Lachney, Superintendent
“I've learned that you can negotiate just about anything, and it is not as hard to do as I thought it would be.”
-Gilchrist Construction, Bernard Sincavage, Concrete Division Manager
“Very good techniques. Will go into situations better prepared for the other party's strategy.”
-Gilchrist Construction, Chad Bordelon, Survey Department Manager
“This program has helped me learn to use more patience and to be more willing to not show my emotions as quickly. All negotiations should have high expectations.”
-Gilchrist Construction, Chris Megee, Project Manager
“This program is excellent for teaching people how to deal with different situations and what to look for from people you dealing with. This program will allow me to be more confident in negotiating on a daily basis and what can be negotiated.”
-Gilchrist Construction, Curtis Schultz, Asphalt QC Manager
“Definitely a useful tool in dealing with our clients.”
-Gilchrist Construction, Eric Deloach, Project Manager
“This program is helpful in much more than just business agreements, it is invaluable in everyday life with dealing with people.”
-Gilchrist Construction, James Rhodes, Project Manager
“It will give me a more systematic approach to negotiating issues.”
-Gilchrist Construction, Jesse Guillory, Project Scheduler
“Excellent course that can be used by anyone almost every day of the week. Will help me immediately in negotiating change orders to getting subcontractor prices.”
-Gilchrist Construction, J. J. Hickey, Project Manager
“Most of this training is about things you never really think about. Suppliers beware! I now have a whole tool box of tricks.”
-Gilchrist Construction, John Stringer, Division Facility Manager
“It was very fun and informative. I never realized what all went into negotiating until this seminar. I'm just wondering how much money I left on the table!'”
-Giant Eagle Inc, Kate Paraska, Dispatch Coordinator
“I wish I would have known this information sooner!”
-Giant Eagle, Adrienne Ramirez, Dispatch Coordinator
“The information was presented in a ready to use fashion, I will be able to apply the content not only in my business life, but also my personal life.”
-Giant Eagle, Dale Lynn, Project Manager
“This program should really help anybody who negotiates anything. It is very informative and insightful.”
-Giant Eagle, John McGuirk, Logistics Dispatch Coordinator
“I thought this program was excellent, both the content and the presentation were superb. I found it very useful, as well as interesting/captivating.”
-Giant Eagle Inc, Kristin Mullen McKechnie, Sourcing Manager
“This program not only helps in the business world as a seller/buyer, but also in every day events/activities/purchases.”
-Giant Eagle Inc, Michelle Patterson, Sourcing Analyst
“Effective Negotiating provided the clarity of the various phases of negotiations and inherent elements within any negotiation both personally and professionally.”
-Giant Eagle, Thomas Kolstad, Director-Indirect Spend
“Easily applied to every day situations, very relevant.”
-Gerdau Ameristeel, Bill Carlon, Plant Manager
“This is a well laid out course with great participation from students. Great information.”
-Gerdau Ameristeel-Darrin Thompson-Master Electrical Tech
“Great program for teaching the all aspects of negotiation.”
-Gerdau Ameristeel, Mike Pires, Industrial Gas Manager
“One word: outstanding!”
-Gerdau Ameristeel, Andres Castro-Caillaux, Procurement Analyst
“This can immediately be applied to negotiations that are underway and should definitely yield significant results.”
-Gerdau Ameristeel, Bill Dickerson, Purchasing Manager
“This training makes you look at your daily activities differently.”
-Georgia Pacific, Hilton Miller, Storeroom Supervisor
“This is the most outstanding, useful training session that I've attended in years.”
-Georgia-Pacific Corporation, Ron Ray, Manager, Property Loss Control
“The Karrass training has given me ways to explore new avenues and aspects of negotiating.”
-Georgia Pacific Corp, David Wood, Purchasing Manager
“It helped to open my eyes to the other person's perspective and to how many times in our lives we use our negotiating skills.”
-Georgia Pacific, Beth Spell, Purchasing Agent
“Program was very enlightening and educational. I would recommend this program to anyone in sales/purchasing field”
-Georgia Pacific, Carlos Dixon, Purchasing Manager
“This seminar is a very useful tool for any buyer or seller. It helps you see things from both sides of the bargaining table.”
-Georgia Pacific, Fred Sheffield, Purchasing Manager
“I am now better prepared to negotiate. The program gave me tactics I never knew.”
-Georgia Pacific, James Marle, Purchasing Manager
“Very beautiful, very educational, very effective.”
-Georgia-Pacific, Bill T. Barry, Purchasing Agent
“This provided great insight into not only the others side of a negotiating, but into my own motives, aspirations, and goals. It was very enlightening.”
-General Motors, Eric Thomason, IT Group Manager
“Negotiating is a way of life—we negotiate every day without even realizing we're negotiating.”
-General Motors, Jeromiah Swift, Union Rep
“I can take what I've learned and be a lot more effective negotiator.”
-General Motors, Jody Stevenson, Union Rep
“A stimulating seminar. I already see significant improvement in my negotiating skills.”
-General Motors, Marcia LeDonne, Project Supervisor
“Great seminar. Now I have the guts to negotiate everything.”
-General Motors, Michael Beane
“I think this program was very helpful in explaining how to use the negotiation skills and giving you skills in negotiating.”
-General Motors, Nick Gooding, Project Supervisor
“It will help me to be more prepared when negotiating and not to be emotional or take it personally when negotiating.”
-General Motors, Alejandro Valenicia, Buyer
“The program was very insightful into all sides of a negotiation.”
-General Motors, April Timms, Buyer
“The program will help me to remember what types of negotiation tactics my suppliers are using against me, and how to counter them.”
-General Motors, Brian Killian, Buyer
“Great presentation. Wonderful training for all our buyers and sales representatives.”
-General Motors, Deborah Nagel, Buyer
“Not only can I apply the Karrass principles in my professional life, I learned effective ways to negotiate in my personal life.”
-General Motors, Erin Olson, Buyer
“Nobody knows everything about negotiations, no matter how good you are. This seminar gives you the opportunity to reflect about your skills and improve them for a continuous learning process and effective negotiations.”
-General Motors No. America Headquarters, Fabio Souza, Buyer
“Very useful techniques to apply to supplier contract negotiations and competitive bidding.”
-General Motors, Melissa Simpson, Buyer
“This class shows you the power that you can have in negotiations.”
-General Motors, Susan Szymanski, Buyer
“The training was very helpful in showing you how to apply the information we learned to the real world.”
-General Motors, Vicki Terry, Buyer
“This program was great! I came into the program with minimal negotiation experience now I have some real negotiating power. This will definitely help me in my every day life!”
-General Kinematics, Ryan Lumpp, Application Engineer
“Training like this is quite refreshing.”
-General Kinematics, Todd Danielczyk, Material Science Application Engineer
“I believe a lot less dollars will be left on the table, after taking this seminar. Thanks.”
-General Kinematics, Doug Rooney, Purchasing Agent
“This is the first course I've attended that has kept my attention and kept me focused for the full two days.”
-General Dynamics, Julie Brooks, Contract Manager
“The Karrass training reinforced some common sense things and also introduced me to some new techniques and strategies to use.”
-General Dynamics C4 Systems, Kendall Nii, Chief Systems Engineer
“My contract negotiators and all my buyers must go this seminar. My company cannot afford not to send them to the Karrass seminar.”
-General Dynamics Land Systems, Andrew Stass, PMP, Project Manager
“This program will really help me negotiate with our most difficult customer.”
-General Dynamics, Ronald Zitek, Engineer
“This program was informative, stimulating and reflective and pertinent to my current job. I highly recommend it for buyer or sellers alike.”
-General Dynamics Land Systems, Allison Wright, Buyer
“Great course. The content, pace and excitement kept me on the edge of my chair wanting more.”
-General Dynamics Land Systems, Brian Divers, Senior Buyer
“Opened my mind to a variety of different negotiating techniques.”
-General Dynamics Land Systems, Cheryl Reid, Buyer/Electrical Team
“This is by far the best seminar I have ever taken. The knowledge learned can be used immediately in a work setting.”
-General Dynamics Land Systems, Mark Soleski, Buyer
“After taking various classes, and seminars, this course was by far the most, interesting and informative. The interactive sessions and the presenter held my attention and were outstanding.”
-General Dynamics Land Systems, Sheri Brenneman, Electrical Buyer
“The best negotiating courses and company philosophy there is, w/real life experience and examples and situations.”
-General Dynamics Land Systems, Ben Brightling, Senior Buyer
“The effective negotiating class offered through Karrass was most beneficial. I have been in purchasing for more than 15 years, and now have new tools that I wish I had known much earlier.”
-General Dynamics Co, Lori Sweetman, Procurement
“This should be mandatory seminar for all buyers.”
-General Dynamics, Marshall Wallace, Supplier Manager
“This course will save my company thousands of dollars, I wish I could've taken it earlier.”
-General Dynamics-OTS, Jeff Mullins, Supply Chain
“I learned useful skills to help me improve substantially in an area I find to be normally difficult.”
-Gemalto, David Holbrook, IT Engineer
“The Karrass program was very effective, and challenged me to make changes in how I conduct my negotiations.”
-Gemalto, Jason Rock, Production MIS Manager
“The Karrass training helps you to examine personal negotiating skills and make changes where needed.”
-Gemalto, Helene Jerde, Buyer
“This is very unique comprehensive training program that gives an overall picture of negotiation.”
-Gemalto, Yogendra Sarvaiya, Buyer
“I think this program is great. As someone without very much experience in negotiating, I now feel confident going into these situations.”
-GE Energy, Chris Maier, Operations Manager
“Excellent program, fulfills the needs of diverse groups, engineers, managers, marketing, operations…only course that gives you skills at work, and at home for life!”
-GE Medical Systems, Adrian Warner, Manager of Programs
“This program will give me a roadmap to all my future vendor negotiations.”
-GE Plastics, Randall Rogers, Logistics Leader
“More than in any other skills-based seminar/training I've had, with Karrass I learned a good deal more of practical techniques to use in real world situations and personal life scenarios. Thanks!”
-GE Power, Donavan Hornsby, Ops and Project Leader
“As the instructor promised at the beginning of the session, I will definitely think in a both-Win way rather than a simple win-win in all my future negotiations.”
-GE Power, Vijay Alluru, Project Leader
“The Karrass seminar gave me valuable tools to be successful in today's competitive environment.”
-GE Transportation Systems, Richard Chan, Project Leader
“We negotiate every day of our lives, both personally and professionally. This course defines the process and provides techniques to achieve successful results.”
-GE, Phillip Hargrove, Vice President
“Opened my eyes to sellers perspective, will never negotiate the same again!”
-GE Healthcare, Jennifer Dowling, Sourcing Leader
“Refreshing and entertaining… love it!”
-GE Healthcare, Lisa Burnett, Sourcing Leader
“The Karrass program is an energetic and positive approach to negotiating.”
-GE Plastics, Kathryn Jones, Sourcing Leader
“This is an excellent program!”
-GE Plastics, Ken Krozel, Indirect Sourcing Manager
“Don't be afraid, negotiate!   Ask, satisfy, and enjoy. Thanks Karrass!”
-GE Plastics, Monica M. Marugan, EV Sourcing Manager
“This program was extremely useful and gave me many tips and strategies to assist me in getting a better price, and what I really need, in a way that is effective and satisfying!”
-GE Power, Andrea Schmidt, Operations Specialist
“I've been able to use a multitude of the concepts and practices that were taught in my course! I have found the use of these principles in both my work environment and external contract negotiations to be extremely helpful and powerful in results. Thanks for the great training. The concepts really do work, and the learning continues the more I use them!”
-GE Rail Services, Courtney Castaneda, Procurement
“Great training session. Great coverage of the basics of negotiations. Really creative way of approaching your negotiations.”
-GE Real Estate, Diego Semper, Procurement
“The Karrass training will infinitely further my career goals.”
-GE Transportation, Mohi Sharma, Lead Sourcing Specialist
“This training has helped me to not only learn to say no but also how to more effectively offer concessions and negotiate counter offers.”
-Gardner Denver, Lisa Mulvey, Master Scheduler
“Your course will help me conduct my day-to-day business negotiations in a better, more efficient manner. Thanks.”
-Gardner Denver, Paul Dick, Manufacturing Engineer
“This is a very practical course that can be applied to both personal and business.”
-Gardner Denver, Tim Clary, Manufacturing Engineer
“I believe this program will help me to excel in both my career life and my personal situation at home.”
-Gardner Denver, Tina Brown, Sr. Purchasing Agent
“Excellent program. Provides tools to use in all aspects of negotiations, both personal and business related.”
-Gardner Denver, Tom Crow, Buyer
“The skills and techniques presented in this seminar will help me be more confident during the negotiation process. Karrass has taught me to aim high and to be sure to take the time to plan prior to engaging in negotiations.”
-Gap Inc., Deborah Ravel, Manager Lease Audit
“This class provided great insight into the softer aspects of negotiating deals.”
-Gap, Ron Eckstein, Director of Transportation
“This program has helped me to realize that I should be concerned with what variables the other companies are dealing with and how it will impact the negotiation.”
-Gap, Sharia Collins, Carrier Relations
“Effective Negotiating is a must have seminar to better oneself at work and in life.”
-Gap, Rick Ollman, Carrier Relations Spec."
“By far the most valuable 2 days I've ever spent learning tools and techniques for building business relationships and negotiating differences.”
-GAF Materials, Chris Valier, Quality Manager
“This program is of real benefit for any person or organization.”
-GAF Materials Corporation, Samuel Cook, Load Manager
“Excellent training and will help with all aspects of my job.”
-GAF Materials Corporation, George Dannecker, Supply Manager
“I would recommend that all involved in various forms of negotiating take this seminar not once, but on a 2-3 year cyclical rotation as a refresher.”
-Fred's Inc, Dave Muellen, SVP
“You never feel like falling asleep-program always keeps you stimulated. I now know techniques to use and what to look for in the other party when negotiating.”
-Fred's Inc, Heather Bruce, Merchant Projects
“This program is going to save our company thousands of dollars”
-Fred's Inc, Danny Billingsley, Director Space Management
“Very informative, in-depth art that challenges your current approach to successful negotiating.”
-Fred's Inc, Rick Chambers, EVP Pharmacy
“The course gives very good insight into the art of the successful deal!”
-Fred's Inc, Simon Scales, VP Planning
“This program was simply awesome. It gave me knowledge I can use in my business life as well as personally.”
-Fred's Inc, Richard Gehrett, Director of Retail Systems
“I will be more effective in my professional and personal life because of what I've learned in these two days!”
-Fred's Inc, Keith Curtis, Exec VP Merchandising
“This program makes it easy for anyone to understand how negotiating is a useful tool.”
-Fred's Inc, Edward Saleeba, Buyer
“Very informative. Raised my confidence level in the negotiation process.”
-Fred's Inc, Jill Covarrubias, Assistant Buyer
“It definitely boosted my confidence in how I can approach a negotiation. Helped me to realize that I have more power than I had.”
-Frazier Masonry Corp, Chad Stepanek, PE/Estimator
“Very well done, recommend we re-take this course every couple of years.”
-Frazier Masonry Corp, Ed Limpus, Project Manager
“Enlightening. Simply put, my eyes are now open to negotiating possibilities.”
-Frazier Masonry Corp, Trevor Fraizer, Project Manager
“I am about to save my company a grip of cash!"
-Frazier Masonry Corp, Jeff Murphy, Director of Equipment
“Most informative, useful, seminar I've ever taken.”
-Forest Capital Partners, Glenn Novak, Forester
“This was the most educational/beneficial two day training course I have ever had. It feels good to walk away knowing your next negotiation will be better for both party's involved.”
-Forest Capital Partners, Russ Morrison, Forest Engineer
“The program put structure around what I have learned over the years.”
-Forest Capital Partners, John Warness, Regional Manager
“Outstanding seminar to use in both your professional and personal relationships!”
-Forest Capital Partners, Martha J. Kernohan, Minerals Manager
“The tools I learned this week will enable me to successfully negotiate for many years throughout this and other organizations.”
-Food Services of America, Brad Swaffard, Shipping Manager
“This was a great seminar. I did not know there were so many tactics in negotiating. I now realize that others have used negotiation tactics on me throughout my business and personal life.”
-Food Services of America, Debbie Correa, Customer Service Manager
“This program helped to open my eyes about negotiating in my professional life in order to gain a competitive advantage. Not only that, but it helped me to realize tactics that others might use adversely against me or my organization.”
-Food Services of America, Gina Gibans, Financial Projects
“It was great! I never realized that I negotiated as much as I do. This course gave me many ideas to use in the future.”
-Food Services of America, Jim Kleinwachter, Shipping Manager
“The Karrass presentation was edge of your seat material I work nights but I had no problem staying awake for this course."
-Food Services of America, Kirk Long, Special Projects Manager
“This course exceeded my expectations.”
-Food Services of America, John Hill, Shipping Supervisor
“I thought I was a great negotiator. I was wrong. Now, after the course, I really am a great negotiator.”
-Food Services of America, Patrick Jones, Finance Projects Manager
“This seminar taught me what they ought to have taught in my business school.”
-Food Services of America, Srini Vasan, VP Finance Projects
“A powering workshop, I strongly believe if you are negotiating contract bids, you should take this course.”
-Food Services of America, Steven Smith, IT Projects Manager
“Let's just say I woke up @ 1:48am thinking of ways to negotiate and couldn't go back to sleep.”
-Food Services of America, Beverly Ivey
“I negotiate every day to support my company, and this seminar keeps the sword sharp.”
-Food Services of America, Chuck Mullins II, Category Manager
“Excellent! Everyone will benefit from this, in business and personal (outside business).”
-Food Services of America, Hilda Moy-Phillips, Buyer/Manager of Inventory Control
“This program is designed for everyone. Whether you negotiate for personal or business reasons, large or small, you will learn real-life ways of reaching success.”
-Food Services of America, Peggi Peaslee, Procurement Manager
“I found the Karrass negotiation course extremely valuable almost immediately. Within one month of completing the course I led a negotiation team on a project valued over $180 million. Through a series of intense negotiations we were successful in increasing our revenue more than $30 million. We faced the full gambit of challenges and techniques throughout the negotiation, and I felt we were well prepared to negotiate to a successful conclusion. Most important, both sides of the negotiation have been happy with the outcome.”
-FMC Technologies, Jeff Mathews, Programs Manager
“Great training!It gave me the tools to prepare and participate in any kind of a negotiation.”
-FMC Technologies, Graham Rhodes. Project Manager
“Whether you have a lot of experience or very little (like me) negotiating experience, you will benefit from this course.”
-FMC Technologies, Tim Moore, Project Manager
“Money well Spent. Great training!”
-FMC Technologies, David C. Lucas, Buyer/ Supply Chain Specialist
“Extremely worth while… Can start using these techniques immediately.”
-FMC Technologies, Dwayne McGee, Supplier Liaison/Buyer
“The negotiating class was very informative. The instructor provided an inspirational message that can be applied to everyday life.”
-FMC Technologies, Mary Sparks, International Sourcing
“This course is particularly important for those who believe they are already skilled negotiators. It's amazing how many faults this course reveals that are easily solved.”
-FMC Technologies, Nathan Vollrath, CS Service Sourcing Manager
“This program is outstanding. I've been to a lot of training seminars, this was the best. The presenter was dynamic, knowledgeable and entertaining. My attitude about negotiations has been turned upside down. It was revolutionary for me.”
-FMC Technologies, Shana Bae, Buyer/Supply Chain Specialist
“Karrass provides real life examples and exercises that allow the students to get the feel of the negotiation tactics.”
-FMC Technologies, Toni Watkins, Sourcing Administrative Assistant Coordinator
“This course will definitely help me to improve my skills in negotiating.”
-Florida Power and Light Company, Angel Barredo, Project Supervisor
“The Karrass training really helps you see and understand both sides of a negotiation.”
-Florida Power and Light Company, Vicente Ordax
“This is by far the best seminar I have ever attended. It will be useful in every aspect of life. The seminar leader was very clear and entertaining. It made the seminar extremely easy to follow.”
-Florida Dept of Transportation, Anissa Bolton, Senior Attorney
“I have never felt comfortable during a negotiation process. This is largely due to being unprepared. Karras training has given me the tools I need to more effectively prepare and conduct or participate in the negotiation process.”
-Florida Dept of Transportation, Richard Frank, Construction Project Manager
“I feel the Karrass seminar provided me with an excellent foundation to begin negotiating effectively.”
-Florida Dept of Transportation, Zach Adams, Project Engineer
“A must have course to remain successful in the marketplace.”
-Florida Dept of Transportation, Ron Chin, District Construction Supply Manager
“Great program. It gave me the knowledge to determine which strategy of negotiation might be best in a given situation.”
-Florida Dept of Transportation, Terri Hannah, Acquisitions Agent
“The overall program is good, well paced. The instructor has excellent depth of knowledge in negotiation. The most useful material for me was understanding all the tactics Buyers use.”
-FlightSafety Canada, Gerry McRae, Center Manager
“I wish I had done this 5 years ago- this will be good for my company and our customers”
-FlightSafety International, Tasneem Hashmi, Assistant Manager
“A very good course. It refocuses and brings to light new information on a variety of negotiation tactics.”
-FlightSafety Canada. , Patrick Coulter, Assistant Manager
“Worth the money-many practical uses.”
-Fisher Tank Company, Michael Goldberg, Project Manager
“If you want to be a good negotiator, go to Karrass”
-Fisher Tank Company, Michael Wolfe, Contracting Engineer
“Tools and knowledge for negotiating in everyday life! Gotta love it!”
-FedEx Ground, Dana Sempirek, Safety Manager
“Only half way through the course, I became confident that I can close deals and save millions for the company.”
-FedEx, Alain Ho, Senior Project Manager
“Program is very good , reinforces skills you know, then forget about because of everyday workload.”
-FedEx Ground, Gary Meyer, Senior Buyer
“The program is very knowledgeable and informative. It will help me be more effective in dealing professionally and personally. Thanks.”
-Federal Highway Administration, Albert Gonzales, Project Engineer
“Great seminar to understand the nuances of negotiating.”
-Federal Highway Administration, Leo De Paula, COE
“What a helpful class! The skills I learned will be useful both in my personal and professional life. This really is one of the best seminars that I've ever attended.”
-Federal Highway Administration, Melissa Schnier, Environmental Biologist
“This program is outstanding! Everyone, except the people you have to negotiate with, should attend!”
-Federal Highway Administration, Phillip Lamoureux, Highway Engineer
“Outstanding seminar…highly recommend.”
-Federal Highway Administration, Tom Puto, Project Manager
“Stimulating and challenging at the same time. I really learned a lot.”
-Federal Highway Administration, Amit Armstrong, Engineer
“Finding ways to resolve differences became clear.”
-Faurecia Exhaust Systems, David Luce, Product Engineer
“I have had other negotiating training, but this seminar provided a much different perspective of protecting yourself and driving to a deal that is beneficial to both sides for long term.”
-Faurencia Exhaust Systems, Inc, Andrew Hanville, Engineering Manager
“I am delighted with what I have learned. Having 20 and 30 negotiating tactics available that I can draw from are great. Thank you!”
-Farmers Insurance Company, Sue Becraft, Director of IT Projects
“Great Course! A must for anyone who deals with people inside an organization. The course frames in all types of communication and negotiation within a company. . . . more than you would ever think of.”
-Farmers Insurance, Bob Becker, Principal IT Consultant
“Program is really good! It will give you added confidence with any future negotiation.”
-Farm Credit Administration, Kevin McAdoo, Associate Examiner
“I feel a lot more confident in my day to day negotiations and the really big ones too. This training will add up to major savings for me and for my employer.”
-Farm Credit Canada, Arie Korevear, Credit Policy Projects
“This was a very enjoyable seminar. I found all the information to be useful and helpful.”
-Exxon Mobil, Daetta Tuck, Contract Administrator
“Great fun and good learning.”
-ExxonMobil, Allen Allegra, Senior Engineer
“Truly an eye opener in terms of how view a negotiation as a multifaceted structure.”
-ExxonMobil, Christian Petterson, Voyage Coordinator
“I wish I had taken this seminar at the beginning of my career. I worked in sales for only 2 years right out of school and would have lasted longer if I knew the Karrass negotiating techniques.”
-ExxonMobil, Cody Bouse, Vessel Proformance Analyst
“Excellent course, brings more confidence in my ability to negotiate. I thought this course is a must for all employees who deal with customers.”
-ExxonMobil, John Sewall, Chief Engineering Manager
“Karrass has provided me with the tools I need in my tool kit to succeed in my negotiations. I feel better equipped with knowledge/preparation.”
-ExxonMobil, Maria Quezada, Technical Advisor
“This will help me reach better deals while allowing the other party to leave the table satisfied.”
-ExxonMobil, Megan Belcher, Utilities Opt. and Planning Supervisor
“This class was extremely helpful in understanding different views and aspects involved in the negotiation process. I took away some excellent tips for my professional and personal life. Extremely energetic and stimulating, interesting thoughts and conversations.”
-Ernst and Young, Priyanka Tandon, Strategic Analyst
“This is a very good seminar. I learned a lot of new tactics and found it very useful. Very entertaining class!”
-Ericsson Inc. , Monzer Tassabhji, Planning Manager
“Whether you have experience in negotiation or not, this seminar is extremely valuable! You can use what you learn in your professional or person life.”
-Entergy Services, Inc. , Amanda Barnes, Analyst
“Karrass provides skills that change the game, and make you more valuable to your organization.”
-Entergy Services, Inc. , Ray Porter, Co-Op
“All of us either buy or sell all the time. Effective Negotiating is an essential tool to put in one's toolbox.”
-Encana Oil and Gas, Tracy Bloodworth, Engineer
“I would highly recommend this course!”
-Encana Oil and Gas, Grant Schluender, Engineer
“This is by far the best educational course I have taken, Can apply what was learned to every day aspects of my job.”
-Encana, Steve Pretula, Joint Interest Analyst
“It gives a new look at the way I deal with people. In business and personally.”
-EnCana, Ab Beisel, Drilling Coordinator
“The Effective Negotiating course brings clarity to negotiating ideas/concepts that are used every day.”
-EnCana, Al Krawchuk, Group Land Drilling
“This seminar taught me constructive ways to negotiate and made me realize that I can negotiate on anything. I highly recommend this seminar to any individual who wishes to enhance their skills in negotiating.”
-EnCana, Amie Weis, Engineer
“This has opened my eyes to a different world when it comes to buying and selling.”
-EnCana, Ben Walcher, Land Owner Relations Coordinator
“Excellent, plenty of suggestions for more success in cost saving and improving our company's economic position.”
-EnCana, Eileen Rawlyk, Drilling Technician
“All the things I thought I knew flew out of the window with this seminar—a complete paradigm shift.”
-EnCana, Terry Gosney, Regional Environmental Coordinator
“The best corporate training course I've ever taken.”
-Embarq, Don Torrez, Program Manager
“I've not been this engaged in a training program ever.”
-Embarq, Steve Karpowich, Product Manager
“The value of this class was obvious in my first successful negotiation after the class.”
-Embree Group, Gene Lewis, Project Manager
“This program was very energetic and easy to follow. The videos and exercises really are helpful in letting you see both sides and allow you to break down negotiating into the basics.”
-Embree Group, Greg Hunt, Assistant Project Manager
“Worth every minute and cent spent.”
-Embree Group, Sonne Person, Senior Project Manager
“This program has enabled me to understand that there are always two sides of the story and skills learned in this class have allowed me to do my job better than ever.”
-Embraer, Aline M. Silva, Materials Services Agent
“Karrass has provided insights to negotiating I never knew existed or would have thought to use. Thank you!”
-Embraer, Donna Hagan, Supervisor Warranty
“It is an extremely good program which I will use on every day for internal and external negotiation.”
-Elcan Optical Technology, Tahir Shafiq, Product Manager
“Fast paced and fun course.”
-Eaton, Kevin Rush, Territory Service Manager
“Not only was the course fantastic, my first day back to work the course paid for itself ten fold. Definitely a worthwhile experience!”
-Easco Electric, Keith Dwyer, Professional Engineer
“Negotiating was agonizing for me. After this seminar I have more confidence and a different perspective on the whole negotiating process.”
-Dupont, Portia Yarborough, Chemist
“Well structured and facilitated. Principles presented may be well applied equally for business, social and personal/family negotiations.”
-Duke Energy, Yorgos Anagnostopoulos, Manager of Major Projects
“Great Class. I will use this everyday.”
-Ducommun Aerostructures, David Leatherman, Estimating Manager
“Most useful seminar out there!”
-Ducommun, Don Bach, V. P. Operations
“The Karrass Negotiating seminar was one of the best, most effective seminars I have ever attended. For any subject! The tools and skills presented are directly applicable in my profession, as well as in my personal negotiations.”
-DRS Communication Systems, Jerry Festa, Program Manager
“Very efficient and effective presentation of material, welcome mix of lecture and ‘hands-on' exercises.”
-DRS Communication Systems, Joe Moser, Project Manager
“This was a real eye opener; learning how to better negotiate and not be a victim in a deal.”
-DRS Tactical Systems, Gary Horn, QC Manager
“Eye Opening!”
-Dover Diversified, Rick Dorrough, Project Manager
-Dover Diversified, Vince Averett, Global Sourcing Engineer
“Best instructor ever, large amount of information presented and reinforced in an entertaining way.”
-Diebold, Charles Heller, Service Manager
“Great information and overall great seminar. I learned that sometimes it's best to just stay quiet!”
-Diageo, Brenda Carter, Senior Packing Engineer
“An inspiring view of negotiations in life situations. A very interesting view of business transactions.”
-Devon Energy Corporation, Thomas Archer, Senior Staff Engineer
“Very informative and insightful.”
-Detroit Edison, Kevin Waite, Project Supervisor
“This course is effective no matter what company or level of status that you are involved with.”
-Department of Homeland Security, Ron Moore, Special Agent
“Outstanding! Where were you ten year ago!”
-Delta Air Lines, Inc. , David Craig, Master Scheduling and Work Center Ops
“Great program—lots of energy.”
-Deloitte, Barbara Haddock, Client Projects Lead
“The Karrass seminar taught me to think in ways that will lead to successful negotiating outcomes!”
-Deere and Company, Dave Chappo, Category Manager
“Thank you for providing me with tools, giving me confidence”
-Dell Inc. , Carolle Vargas, Senior Project Consultant
“I love it! The seminar has provided me with tools and examples of how to negotiate in different environments in business and personal life.”
-Dell Inc, Jacquline Randler, Project Manager
“Effective Negotiating is an extremely useful tool. I look forward to applying it in my business and personal life.”
-Dell, Arrian Mehis, Solutions Architect
“Effective Negotiating is a wonderful tool that participants will use in their private lives and more importantly on the job. Negotiating is an art that I plan on using and practicing for the rest of my life. This class was invaluable!”
-Delaware Department of Transportation, Diane Calloway, Project Engineer
“Course is a real eye opener, demonstrating the power and effectiveness of good negotiation skills.”
-Delaware Department of Transportation, Kevin Gustafson, Engineering Technician
“Great class! I recommend it to everyone.,,, .”
-Delaware Department of Transportation, Don Burris, Construction
“It's the best training I've ever attended!”
-Delaware Department of Transportation, James Satterfield, Project Engineer
“This will really help me to a better approach when it comes to resolving conflicts and barriers.”
-Decoustics, Martin Azuran, Project Coordinator
“This training helps to get you to see negotiations in a new light and you will approach them with the skills you learn.”
-Decoustics, Mike Tavares, Project Coordinator
“One of the best courses you will ever take.”
-Decoustics, Ronald White, Technical Service Manager
“Skills revised, plus new ones. Great Seminar.”
-De Lage Landen Financial Services, Bernard DiPerzip, Asset Manager
“Good practical information.“
-De Lage Landen Financial, David Pearson, Sr. Equipment Evaluator
“Excellent program. Very interesting. Great team exercises.”
-De Lage Landen, Ron Hill, Asset Management
“It was great. Useful in business and personal life. I wish I had the course years ago.”
-Danaher Motion, Andrea Bedsaul, Engineer
“As an engineer, I was used to just caving in to customer demands. Now I have the skill and power to negotiate and do so without being intimidated.”
-Danaher Motion, Andrew Garlich, Engineer
“This was a very interesting, stimulating seminar.”
-Danaher Motion, Reinhard Beatty, Engineering Manager
“Pleasantly surprised at the interesting + entertaining manner in which the training material was presented. I was concerned that the subject matter would be boring. It was not.”
-Danaher Motion, Scott Dawson, Design Engineer
“Excellent. An eye opening seminar.”
-Dallas Morning News, Jeff Spracklen, Manager
“Karrass provides an innovative approach in changing the way Americans negotiate and develop skills that can overcome old habits that prevent best possible outcomes.”
-Dallas Morning News, Kimberly Holiday
“I've been to seminars where I wanted to leave after the first five minutes. This was so much fun. I gained so much knowledge.”
-Dallas Morning News, Sally Bouis, Sr. Collector
“This seminar has provided me with a clearer understanding of how to negotiate more successfully in both my business and personal endeavors.”
-D. R. Horton, Donald LaRue, Project Manager
“Excellent--will recommend to others”
-D. R. Horton, Jesse Blake, Project Manager
“I deal with negotiations daily in the scope of my work duties. The course has expanded my knowledge and will ultimately help me do my work more effectively.”
-D. R. Horton, Tony Weygandt, Project Manager
“This training is intense and engaging: it really inspires you.”
-Conoco Phillips, Barrett Sims, Land Analyst
“This course will allow me not to be so focused on me, and enable me to hear/see the value in my external references to get to a true win/win.”
-ConAgra Foods, Mark Tysdal, Principal Packaging Engineer
“This seminar was outstanding and brings to light how everything one does involves some sort of negotiating.”
-Comcast, Paula Rietman, IT Consultant
“Thought I knew all there was to know. Thanks for exposing my ignorance.”
-Columbia University, Glennis Mehra
“It was the most informative and interesting training I have ever taken.”
-Coldwell Banker, Mario Lozano, Project Manager
“The program was stimulating, interesting and interactive. A lot of useful strategies were presented that I will be sure to find useful.”
-Cobham, Douglas Bajgot, Engineering Manager
“Excellent subject matter and presentation.”
-Cobham, John Ries, Program Manager
“This class has brought a level of negotiating awareness that I will truly benefit from.”
-Cisco Systems Inc, Tony Rogers, Engineering Manager
“It has helped me put clarity to an otherwise previously mysterious process. Real world examples were really helpful.”
-Cianbro Corp, Bruce Brown, Project Manager
“I've been negotiating with clients for years. This seminar opened my eyes to some of the finer points of a negotiation. I would highly recommend this to anyone.”
-Cianbro Corp, Dana Hickey, Project Superintendent
“Brought many outside thinking ideas that many of us ‘negotiators' fail to consider under pressure. This information will help in pre-planning for negotiations as well as ‘quick deals'.”
-Cianbro Corp, Daniel Butler, Project Engineer
“This is the single most useful, professional seminar I have ever attended. I would recommend it to anyone in any profession.”
-Cianbro, Chris Jarvais, Superintendent
“The Karrass negotiating training was an absolute eye opener in communication and deal making. Lots of useful tools, ideas and tactics to use in a variety of negotiations, both personal and professional.”
-Cianbro, Justin Ladd, Safety Professional
“Great class, Worth every penny!”
-Chevron, Chris Staples, Operations
“Excellent information, presented in a great way. It will help you to negotiate contracts externally and internally.”
-Chevron, Robert Goldsworthy, Operations Specialist
“This training will help make me able to take a logical approach to negotiating”
-CHEP, Alex Hamrick, Transportation Manager
“Great program a lot of information to use when not having any negotiation skills. Great guide lines.”
-CHEP, Alonzo Whittington, TPM
“The content of this program is outstanding. It was presented in a fashion that was easy to understand. I plan to utilize this in everyday life as well as in my business negotiations.”
-CHEP, Steve McCowan, Logistics Manager
“The class was filled with professionals that made the case studies and exercises as realistic as possible without laying down cash.”
-Cessna Aircraft, John William, Quality Engineering
“The most fun, and very educational, class I've taken in years!”
-Cessna, Judith Toms, Customer Solutions Manager
“Negotiating is a daily par of all of our lives (personal and business). This seminar gives a Blueprint to follow to be successful.”
-Cessna, Mitchell Shivers, Customer Solutions Manager
“An awesome hands-on learning experience. This course will add value to all of your future negotiations.”
-Cemex, Rhonda L. Faust, Negotiator-Capital Projects
“The program opened my eyes to the things I'd been doing right instinctively and most critically, the traps I‘d fallen into that were always going to limit my negotiating success".”
-Celestica, Inc, Don Weil, Global Program Manager
“Whether you are a master negotiator or not, this course will help you to organize your approach to maximize you successes.”
-Celestica, Inc, Steve Kreatz, HR/ Project Manager
“This is a great course to put all the techniques of negotiation together. A lot of skills you have been using in you work but you never realized. After this course everything just came together. It will help you to improve the successful rate in work and life”
-Celestica, Jeanne Zhang, Program Manger
“Great tool for preparing you to survive the real world.”
-Caterpillar Financial Services, Jose Nunez, Account Services Manager
“Awesome presentation. These skills will be very useful in all personal and professional aspects.”
-Caterpillar Financial, Susan Collins, Applications Analyst
“Excellent! I can apply it directly to my job.”
-Cargill Crop Nutrition, Sherry Reid, Project Engineer
“The techniques shown in class will provide you with vital information when it comes to negotiating both in the business world and at home.”
-Cargill Inc. , Bill Uknes, Engineer
“A real eye opener for quantifying tactics and techniques to use for myself and that have been used against me”
-Cargill Inc. , Daniel Gerard, Process Engineer
“This seminar is good. Very good. No… Very, VERY Good.”
-Cargill Inc., Michael Harpen, Engineer
“This program really helps take the mystery out of how negotiation is supposed to work.”
-Cargill, Brian Basiaga, Project Engineer
“Excellent organization. Real-world and good examples; not just a lot of theory.”
-Cargill, Matt McLeane, Project Engineer
“A more than worthwhile seminar, well presented, stimulating, even fun.”
-CBC Radio, Calum McLeod, Editor
“The range of negotiating tactics presented from such a dynamic instructor will have an extraordinary impact as I take and apply the skills in my organization.”
-CareFirst Blue Cross Shield, Kristen Barr, Technical Staff Member
“I now feel confident in entering into a negotiation that I will weigh in far more factors then ever before.”
-CB Richard Ellis, BJ Singletary, Project Manager
“The content was outstanding. Presentation was excellent. I highly recommend this seminar for those outside of sales.”
-CB Richard Ellis, Duncan Woodard, Sr. Project Manager
“More than expected… a journey of personal discovery. Excellent.”
-Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Paul Vella, EIC
“Failure to plan your negotiation is a plan to fail at your negotiation. Great course.”
-California Dept of Transportation, Edwin Enwedo, Sr. Bridge Engineer
“Simply great!”
-California Dept of Transportation, Grace Tell, Transportation Engineer
“I wish I'd had taken this training years ago!”
-California Dept of Transportation, Lawrence Okoye, Str Rep
“This is an outstanding course that has tremendous benefits for anyone who buys or sells things. Very real-world information that can be put into immediate practice professionally and personally.”
-Bostik Inc, Sean Duffy, Project/Process Engineer
“The Karrass Effective Negotiating program is invaluable to any business professional involved in negotiating contacts”
-Burns and McDonnell, Andy Burge, Senior Mechanical Engineer
“I do not enjoy training classes, but this seminar has been entirely worthwhile!”
-Burns and McDonnell, Andy McCaskill, Engineer
“The Karrass negotiating training is an immediate impact learning experience.”
-Burns and McDonnell, Justin Mitchell, Project Manager
“Very engaging, the two days went by quickly. I really learned a lot.”
-Burns and McDonnell, Bill Nash, Sr. Env. Engineer
“It is very worth the time. It presents a different way of thinking and once it is presented, it all makes sense.”
-Burns and McDonnell, Jeff Heidrick, Project Manager
“I gained eye opening, transformative information in a short time, resources to last for years.”
-Burns and McDonnell, Jeff Seib, Project Manager
“Great program -- my life has changed.”
-Burns and McDonnell, Mark Kohles, Senior Architect
“Engaging, interesting, much better than most other business training.”
-Burlington Resources, Ed Connelly, Operations Engineering Manager
“As someone starting out in negotiation I found the course to be a great confidence builder.”
-Burlington Resources, Erinn DeWulf, Joint Interest Contract Analyst
“I now realize how to both influence negotiations in my favor as well as when people are trying to influence me.”
-Burlington Resources, Terry McNeill, Operations Manager
“This is an excellent class in that it shows you both sides of the negotiation process. Not only how to protect your interests but more importantly the story that other party always has.”
-Bureau Veritas, Charles Hartke, Global Quality Assurance Director
“Pleasantly surprised. The program was both fun and useful. Learned essential skill for both business and personal life.”
-Bureau Veritas, Michael Buchholz, Projects Manager
“Very well done. This training is practical and a must-do training for all professionals in the business world. Excellent program.”
-Bureau Veritas, Rajini Janardhan, Project Director
“I feel more confident going into negotiations in both my professional and personal life.”
-Bureau Veritas, Robert Cimini, Sr. Engineer
“There is good reason why Karrass is known as a World Leader."
-Bristol Aerospace, Gary Leudtke, Contract Specialist
“I am confident that I will be a much better negotiator because of the skills I have learned.”
-Bristol Aerospace, Wendy O'Donnell, Buyer
“This program provides an excellent overview negotiating techniques and simple to remember rules.”
-Bristol-Myers Squibb, Eduardo Lioy, Global Sourcing Manager
“The program gave me new and different perspective on negotiating tactics.”
-Bridgestone Firestone, Joseph Mustipher, High Performance Specialist
“The Karrass Negotiating courses are excellent in building negotiating strategies and confidence.”
-BP Lubricants USA Inc. , Kathryn Tessaro, Contract Advisor
“It really helped to understand the negotiating process with more clarity.”
-BP Lubricants, Dennis Fournier, PCO Specialist
“The best negotiating class I've even been to. Helped me understand the opposing members time constraints testing my assumptions.”
-BP Lubricants USA, Kathryn Tessano, Contracts Advisor
“Fantastic course and concepts. Best business related training I've ever attended.”
-BP Lubricants, Todd Lange, Distribution Manager
“Great course that portrays both the buyer and sellers sides to negotiation tactics and strategies.”
-BP Products, Eric Ulmer, Procurement Management
“The Karrass Seminars are the best negotiating seminars I have taken. It changes who we are as negotiators; It makes us better buyers. Thank you for the value that has been added to my skill set.”
-BP Products Victor Nordlund, Procurement
“I have taken other negotiations classes before, but this is the best! I would recommend it to anyone.”
-BP, Rob Dowel, Procurement
“I would recommend this class to anyone whether they are in a direct negotiations role or not. This program will help with your daily interactions at work and personally.”
-BNSF Railway Company, Nidhi Ranebenur, Project Manager
“This seminar is a very effective way to learn or enhance your negotiating skills”
-BNSF Railway, Kamalah Minor, Project Engineer
“Program was great. Useful for business and life”
-Biogen Idec, Dan Radebaugh, Contract Manager
“This made negotiations much easier and more fun. A good forum for practicing real world skills.”
-Biogen Idec, Shawn Malloy, Contract Manufacturing Manager
“Very Educational and engaging, exceeded all my expectations”
-Berlin Packaging-Chris Boyd-Packaging Consultant Engineer
“The Karrass Negotiating seminar was the best I have ever attended. It has provided me with the knowledge to improve in my everyday job responsibilities.”
-Berlin Packaging, Guy Considine, Vice President of Business Development and Design
“You'll learn that negotiation skills are not only important for business, but also for life.”
-Beckman Coulter, Bob Indiq, Program Manager
“Excellent program - highly recommend for anyone in construction industry. Program covers all types of negotiations encountered in the industry.”
-Beck Group, Scott Hildebrand, Project Manager
“I think this program has changed the way I feel about negotiations 180 degrees from dread to anticipation. I'll look for opportunities to negotiate now, instead of avoiding them.”
-Beck, Blake Dorris, Superintendent
“Karrass choreographs the steps of the negotiating dance.”
-Bechtel Corp, Jim Purdy, Engineering Manager
“Well worth the time spent. Made negotiating a much more tangible subject.”
-Bechtel Power, Mark Hoffman, Contract Manager
“Excellent program for all negotiators, whether beginner or experienced. Provides knowledge that any negotiator should have prior to beginning negotiations.”
-Bechtel, Michael Ryan, Subcontracts Manager
“Very practical, hands on, program.”
-Baxter Healthcare, Ed DeLuise, Associate Director
“This program was excellent. Exactly what I was hoping for. It is very hard to find an effective course covering the very common need of improved negotiating within your own organization. Three cheers for Karrass. You nailed it.”
-Baxter Healthcare, Scott Ruddell, Project Manager
“This program opened up ideas of possibilities to negotiate anything. If you don't ask you will never know if you could have gotten a better price or better terms-on anything.”
-BAE Systems, Carol Becker, Project Engineer
“This program provides more than skills, it's a way of thinking that can change the way I look at every transaction.”
-BAE Systems, Scotty Burch, Program Manager
“By the end of the second day I have a hard time coming up with a situation I wouldn't use the training in or an aspect of it I couldn't put to use.”
-BAE Systems, William Dobe, Subcontract Administrator
“The program is excellent. Skills developed here are not only for business, but also application in our daily lives. Now I know the tactics that seller is likely to be using and I am in a better position to respond.”
-Avtron, Bachir Karaoui, Engineering
“Outstanding presentation, held my interest. I didn't check email even once! Gave me motivation and confidence to negotiate anything.”
-Avtron, John Brock, Engineering Manager
“I've been wanting to take this course for years, to see what I've been missing. Now that I have, I realize that I could have been much more effective in negotiating past deals. It is what I had hoped it would be.”
-Avtron, Christopher O'Connell, Strategic Sourcing
“Works in everyday life. Will make you a smart negotiator!”
-Autoliv ASP, Michael Breen, Quality Engineer
“Will help in future business meetings, whether you are negotiating or not.”
-Autoliv Canada, Mark Donais, Quality Engineering Technician
“In over 15 years with Autoliv and all the different seminars, classes and courses this in my opinion has been the best ever.”
-Autoliv, David Robinson, SQE Technician
“I did not realize how much negotiation is done through out my day to day activities. This course has opened my eyes which gives me more opportunities to excel in my position”
-Autoliv, Dennis Nielsen, Quality Manager/Procurement
“I will never negotiate in the future as I have in the past.”
-Autoliv, Nile Adams, Process Engineer/Procurement
“This is an outstanding program. I would strongly recommend.”
-BMW, David Wehunt, Engineering
“I have been traditionally a very weak negotiator both in business and in my personal life (e.g. give in too easy). I now feel like I have a few more tools on my belt to become a more effective negotiator.”
-Borg Warner, Jeff Anders, Program Engineer Manager
“Karrass training is one of life's 10 essentials must have's.”
-Borg Warner, Larry Schmida, Business Projects Manager
“No words can express the gratitude I feel for the lessons given to me via Karrass' effective negotiating seminar, and the spectacular real life presentation strategy used!”
-Borg Warner, Todd Crosby, Supplier Developed Engineer
“One of the best trainings I've had in 22 years of working. Presenter ranks at the top!”
-Borg Warner, George Senter, Supplier Quality Engineer
“This was very effective with a strong focus on both-win negotiating”
-Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan, Kathleen Liu, Senior Analyst
“This program has practical advice that I can implement immediately to build and foster stronger business relationships. The tips and techniques are honest and above board they are not unethical or sleazy.”
-Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan, Lisa Redick, GM/Delphi Reimbursement Manager
“This is an excellent program. It stimulates how you perceive and understand the opponent as well as your own powers in negotiating.”
-Bank of New York, Anita Sung, Vice President Projects
“It was an excellent course and utilized realistic examples for our business that will enable immediate benefits to be realized.”
-Bank of New York, Joanne DiGiovanni, Vice President Projects
“This program delivers results. It will help me remember to think about the other sides motivations I feel more empowered now being across from the broker.”
-Bank of New York Mellon, Michael Ludwig, AT
“It will materially affect our top and bottom line.”
-Bank of New York, Christopher Sturdy, EVP
“This program was invaluable both from a professional as well as a personal view point. I will never negotiate the same way after attending this course.”
-Bank of New York, Ronald Davis, Vice President
“This program delivers results. It will help me remember to think about the other sides motivations I feel more empowered now being across from the broker.”
-Bank of New York Mellon, Michael Ludwig, AT
“It will materially affect our top and bottom line.”
-Bank of New York, Christopher Sturdy, EVP
“This program was invaluable both from a professional as well as a personal view point. I will never negotiate the same way after attending this course.”
-Bank of New York, Ronald Davis, Vice President
“This class taught me skills which will improve my level of success in negotiations.”
-ASML, Diane McCafferty, System Design Engineer
“Your formalized checklist will help me prepare for negotiations.”
-ASML, Douglas Casault, Project Lead
“This seminar will greatly help our department to achieve satisfaction in our negotiations with our clients. The presentation was informative, concise, and entertaining. Thank you.”
-Arrow Lift, Joe Newstrom, Service Engineering Manager
“ It will help me find better solutions for joint projects with our partners, through using better available resources/ negotiations and will help with my personal approach in many aspects I negotiate.”
-Arm Inc, Andrea Cosmin, Sr. Project Mgr
“Excellent. All senior management and project managers should take this training.”
-Arm Inc, Henry Yang, Team Manager
“Excellent seminar. World class negotiating techniques and principals in everyday language.”
-Babcock and Wilcox, Terry Tucker, Project Manager
“This program is wonderful and will assist anyone who participates, no matter the stage of the participants cover or level within their organization.”
-Babcock Power, David Hill, Director of Construction
“I thoroughly enjoyed this seminar!Much more beneficial than I ever would have thought.”
-Babcock Power, Paige Lefebvre, Project Manager
“This training opened my eyes to skills that are available, but not often taught.”
-Babcock Power, Randy Williams, Thermal Engineering
“The program was very useful and I look forward to using the new knowledge I've gained”
-Babcock and Wilcox, Heather Muckley, Purchasing Agent
“This is a great seminar. There are some very helpful tactics that I believe will impact my day-to-day job and actually show a ROI. There aren't many seminars you can leave with that feeling.”
-Babcock Power, Shane Wood, Manager of Purchasing
“This program will enable me to do my job more effectively and be more productive in negotiating as a buyer.”
-Babcock Power/Tee, Steven Roberts, Senior Purchasing Manager
“I think of a seminar like a roll of film , if I get one or two good pictures I can really do something which (i. e. put-in picture frame) I'm happy. With this seminar at least 10 good pictures!Thank you.”
-Applied Systems, Amy Sands, Project Manager
“Fabulous, Everyone should have to participate in this class!”
-Applied Systems, Kathy Schwiesow, Implementation Project Advisor
“As a system engineer manager, I now know that failure by me and my people to understand negotiating principles and tactics might be costing my company tens of millions during contract negotiations. Karrass training has really helped to move that money to our corporate bottom line.”
-Boeing, Dave Manser, Director laboratory Network
“Negotiating skills are so essential to success. Karrass provided me valuable skill training.”
-Boeing, Samuel Penrod, Environmental Engineer
“Exceptional program. I will be using my new skills this very next weekend!”
-Boeing, Ignacio Gomez, Sr. Systems Engineer
“Excellent training. I loved it.”
-Boeing, Neal Brunkhorst, Aerodynamic Engineer
“I have negotiating for many years. Now I understand better how to find out what the other side is willing to do. That puts me in the driver's seat.”
-APC, Cortney Warmouth, Engineering Manager
“Everyone in any organization could benefit from this knowledge.”
-Anchor Danly, Bruce Edmonds, Chief Technical Manager
“While this is a terrific course for sales and purchasing staff. It's possible that this course has even more value for engineers and technical managers. This course opened new perspectives for me.”
-Analex, Robert Moore, APG Engineering Lead
“This really will help me prepare for my next important negotiation.”
-Anadigics, Carter Brown, Director of Broadband Engineering
“I now have a thorough understanding of negotiating targeting a both/win outcome. I will never consider conceding without being granted a concession.”
-American Axle and Manufacturing, Fran Lipe, Project Manager
“Fun and interesting program that will provide benefits in both personal and professional endeavors.”
-Alliance Data Systems, Mike Szymaniak, Project Manager
“This negotiation seminar exceeded my expectations!”
-Alliance Data Systems, Carey Frank, Product Engineering Manager
“I was amazed at some of the techniques that have been used on me by other people thus far in my life. From this day forward I will be able to go into future negotiations with my eyes wide open.”
-Alcoa Power and Propulsion, Michael T Kwas, Senior Project Engineer
“This is essential fundamental training for anyone in project management.”
-Alaska Department of Transportation, Emerson Krueger, Environmental Science
“Entertaining and applicable to my everyday activities. I will recommend this course to everyone.”
-Alaska Department of Transportation, Emily Bratcher, Planner II
“Fast paced. Easy to use ideas. Very pertinent to my Right Of Way work. I really enjoyed it.”
-Alaska Department of Transportation, Jeannie Johnson, Sr. ROW Agent III
“This program gave me the skills and increased my desire to communicate effectively with everyone I share the office with on a daily basis. In addition, it improved my ability to negotiate with contractors, staff, managers, the general public, and friends.”
-Alaska Department of Transportation, Michael Horbeck, Project Engineer
“I am going to suggest this class to our company at all organizational levels.”
-Alaska Department of Transportation, Steven Becker, Sr. Environmental Scientist
“The most interesting and helpful course I have ever taken.”
-Alaska Department of Transportation, Jason Lamoreaux, Project Engineer
“Tremendous tool for working with the contractors. I never knew much about negotiating and feared it . . . I now look forward to it.”
-Alaska Department of Transportation, Jim Horn, EA II
“Knowing about these skills will give me added confidence in my ability to reach agreement with clients that are satisfying to all parties and remain in the bounds of the reasonable, legal, and ethical.”
-Alaska Department of Transportation, Judy Shagerberg, Project Coordinator
“The course was very valuable and am recommending that the course be held again next year so more of our staff can be trained.”
-Alaska Department of Transportation, Lon Krol, Construction Group Chief
“Definitely the most informative and highly entertaining course like this I've taken. Thanks!”
-Alaska Department of Transportation, Marcus Forkner, Engineering Assistant
“These skills will save the state of Alaska a bundle of money!”
-Alaska Department of Transportation, Robert Leroux, EA II
“All the tools and techniques are useful. For the most part I'm not a big believer in training, we have too much work to do. BUT, every once in a while one comes along that you can really use and this was one of them. I've got to say this course was the best I've ever been involved with. You guys do a fantastic job and I have used the tools many times since the course both at work and in my private life. Thank You!”
-Alaska Department of Transportation, Ryan Bloom, Aviation Engineer
“This learning will really help me in planning and executing the negotiations with internal customers.”
-AeroControlex, Ankur Deora, Product Line Engineering Manager
“The course content and flow are outstanding. The instructor is alive and interesting. The workbook and other materials give me assurance that I can keep what I've learned and paid for.”
-Advanced Energy, Alan Bryner, Knowledge Solutions Engineer
“The program allows me the opportunity to see the purpose of the other sides tactics, the reasons why, and then to use the lessons to create a both win situation. In today's world it is no longer the buyer is right, it is about creating a partnership.”
-Advanced Energy, Tom Chinnici, Commodity Manager
“Most beneficial Seminar I have ever attended. For both work and everyday life.”
-Advanced Energy, Clint Lovato, Buyer
“This program was very informative. It helped relate everyday experience and the best methods to handle them. I would recommend to anyone that has to negotiate.”
-A.O. Smith, Brian Coulter, Division Engineering Manager
“The Karrass seminar provided clear and effective training on how to negotiate with suppliers.”
A. O. Smith, Mark Stutz, Commodity Specialist
“Eye opening experience. Even with years of experience there is more to learn about negotiating.”
A. O. Smith, Regina Norris, Purchasing Agent
“I feel more confident negotiating with contractors on the job.”
-Acco Engineered Systems, Charles Militello, General Engineering Forman
“This training should be mandatory for every member of the management team at every Actuant business division.”
- Actuant, Alex Santucci, Quality Engineering Manager
“Fantastic - if there's only one course you take in 5 years, this should be it!”
-Actuant, Doug Vollmer, Enerpac Operations Leader
“I have a clarity about my job now and how to achieve success. My life is about to open up and I can't wait.”
-Indiana Economic Development Corp, Erin Schneider, Business Development Director
“This class was definitely worth the time as it will be beneficial in both my business dealing and also my personal life”
-The Jackson Laboratory, Rene Fuqua, Project Manager
“This program will teach you things you didn't know you knew. Informative for even the most experienced negotiator.”
-Inductive Automation, Sandra Domerofski, Director of Finance
“Well worth the time and investment. The best sales training I've had in my 16 year career.”
-Columbus McKinnon, Chris MacKay, Application & Product Specialist
“Not only did I learn a lot more than I expected to, I had a great deal of fun throughout!”
-Foodbuy, Robert Bee, Supply Chair Specialist
“This was a wonderful and informative experience. I cannot put a price on this as it was an invaluable experience.”
-Canam Group Inc, Kevin Seabra, Project Manager
“This course has provided me with the necessary tools in order to ask the right questions, but more importantly at the right time, in order to get the necessary information from my customers, but also in my person life.”
-Tenneco, Anthony Maulorico, Outside Sales Rep
“Selling is part of our daily lives and we don't even know it! This seminar teaches you all the essentials and open your eyes and mind to common selling practices. Everything is negotiable! Great seminar, 100% recommend it.”
-T.I., Luis Vinke, TSA
“If you have the training budget and two days to spare, you'll struggle to find a program more far-reaching, on-point, and instantly implementable. Tremendous R.O.I.”
-The M.K. Morse Company, Jeff Guritza, Business Development Manager
“I am not in sales or buying, but I still walked away from this class with a beneficial skill set I will be able to use within my organization and in areas of life outside the workplace. Anyone can benefit from this program.”
-Darex, Holly Deffenbaugh, Marketing
“An experience of a lifetime - skills were provided that can immediately lead to results and success.”
-The J.M. Smucker Company, Jane Smith, Assistant Manager, Food Service
“Great stuff! Save my fee on my first negotiation after this class.”
-Wolf Industries, Inc, Derek Huegel, President
“The program was great! My seminar leader and the structure of the course kept me constantly stimulated. I now am better prepared to go into an important negotiation meeting and stay in control, while finishing the meeting satisfied.”
-The Jackson Laboratory, Deanna Dominguez, Case Manager